When 'Real' Friends Turn Fake
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When 'Real' Friends Turn Fake

It certainly isn't the first time.

When 'Real' Friends Turn Fake

It has happened to all of us, guaranteed. Some of these instances may occur at a very young age, though we aren’t old enough to comprehend the term “fake friend”. At most, we’d say they’re just being mean, or a traitor; someone we can no longer put our trust into. At least we’re old enough to understand that concept.

In my case, the above statement is true. The idea of “fake friends” was introduced to me at age nine, and it has carried with me sporadically up to present day.

The routine with these types of people typically follows the same theme: I become friends with a said person, only to realize over time that they’re not who I thought they were, which ends with me cutting them out or vice versa.

For a while, I believed that cutting someone out of your life when they did absolutely nothing to harm you personally was a childish concept of the past. To my disappointment, it has resurfaced in college.

Shocking, since we are all technically adults now. You’d think someone would have the decency to speak to you about their sudden rejection of your friendship, or not rub it in your face when you’re both out together in a group setting.

At the beginning of the school year, when I first met this person, I imagined that we would get along GREATLY. They always knew how to make me laugh, even reminding me of some friends back home.

They made me feel integrated into our group, and they would always suggest grabbing a bite to eat, or simply just hanging out, enjoying each other's company.

Coming into a new school, and living away from home for the first time, this kind of friendship was exactly what I needed to make me feel welcome. Our laughs, inside jokes, and daily hangout sessions made the pain of being away from home subside.

While this person may have felt the same at a certain point in time, it certainly wasn’t their intention to make things last.

Being greeted at the start of the second semester with a scowl sent quite the shockwave. They found their new "favorites" of the group, while simultaneously ignoring me in any way possible.

Their true persona was brought to front: someone that shows absolutely no consideration for the feelings of those around them.

I’m no stranger to the experience of a friendship being dropped where absolutely nothing was done on your part to cause it. How I’m currently feeling at the end of college has brought back these unsettling feelings of despair.

Clearly, this person must be someone filled with SO much cruelty and inconsideration, that they don’t recognize someone has been psychologically wounded in the same manner before, possibly for life.

Am I upset? Of course. Will I let it affect me as time goes along? No.

It’s become evident that this person is no longer worth a minute of my time, nor cares for my feelings in the slightest.

Moral of the story? If a "friend" doesn’t value your feelings as much as you value theirs, it’s time to let that person go. Be careful in choosing who you want in your life.

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