If You're New To FSU, This Is Your Survival Guide.

Since I'm about to graduate, I have a few thoughts on my time in college for those of you that just got here.

Everything you've heard about FSU is true. 

Everything. People here party questionably hard. The psychology research here is exceptional. There are two sides to everything.

Rarely will you have the opportunity to go to a school like this again. 

40,000 students means that there is something in it for everyone. This might be the only time that you get the chance to go every day to class and get educated alongside other beautiful people. Hardly will you be in a social incubator like this again. Think about who you want to be and experiment with it.

If you're bored, it's your fault. 

People often say something like "I hate Tallahassee there's nothing to do here, I can't wait to move to *some other city*." Sorry to break it to you, but if you're boring in Tallahassee, you'll be boring everywhere else, too. Although some places are just boring without much to do, Tallahassee is not one of these places. If you haven't found your niche or a friend group or a place to practice a hobby of yours, you haven't looked. They are everywhere, and there's no limit to things you can try while you're here.

Take opportunities to do things and talk to people.

Your life will expand based on how willing you are to take risk. Go be social, go try new things, constantly.

Sometimes things suck.

You will stress about your schedule, you will stress about tests, and you will stress about people; your roommate will say something weird, people don't know how to drive, and people on bikes always just get a little too close. These stressors are guaranteed during your stay at FSU.

Sometimes people don't pull through.

We are all on our own paths and must do our own things to be successful in our own ways. It's beautiful when our paths overlap with others. Be grateful for these opportunities and understand more people are incoming.

Pick people wisely.

Use your intuition and trust yourself. Usually, your initial gut instinct is right.

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