Why I Read My Daily Horoscope

Wake up. Unlock my phone. Scroll through Instagram and Twitter. Respond to any texts. Check my daily horoscope on Astrostyle.com. For as long as I can remember, this has been my morning routine.

I'm not sure exactly what got me into astrology, but I've made it a habit of checking my horoscope every day. Having been born in September, my star sign is Virgo (whaddup Beyonce). And yes, I'm such a typical Virgo. Virgos are characterized by their loyalty, hardworking nature, and practicality. I'm not sure how much of the hardworking I got (currently procrastinating finals, oops), but I definitely connect to the Virgo sign over the other 11.

Maybe it was because I felt connected to my star sign, but something about horoscopes always drew me in. It started with reading my horoscope in the Star Ledger that was delivered to my house weekly, but once I got a smartphone, it became as simple as typing in “Virgo Daily Horoscope" into Google. I turned to horoscopes to predict the kind of day I would have, or to explain any inexplicable events.

It doesn't always make sense, but every time my horoscope aligns with my day, I find myself smiling. And if I'm being completely honest, there were quite a few days where my horoscope matched spot on with what I experienced that day. It seemed too accurate to be purely coincidental.

And to all the skeptics out there, I get it. Why would you believe a completely random prediction made by looking at the alignment of the stars and the planets? And how can only 12 signs apply to the general population? It doesn't make sense. But it could. I don't know how much accuracy there is to astrology, but it doesn't hurt to believe a little.

I use astrology as a means of excitement and entertainment, and I haven't had a problem with it so far. It may seem a little foolish to put your trust in something so abstract, but sometimes you just need to have a little bit of blind faith.

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