My Reaction to Ansel Elgort's Supernova Music Video

A few weeks ago, I was informed that Ansel Elgort had a new song. Not only that, he had a new music video too. I was disconcerted from the start. Nothing about that was good news. Well, except for the fact that I had a new thing to make fun of. And there are so many things to cackle about and fall on the floor over, which I have done many times.

I know I have displayed my distaste for Ansel Elgort on the this exact forum, but once is never enough to rant, IMO. Now, if you haven't heard any of his songs before, I encourage you to take a listen and watch the music video for Thief, it is especially horrendous.

Now that we have gotten that all settled, that's dive in to his new song: Supernova. I'm just going to give you a little run through of my first reactions because what else is there?

Why are lights flickering? And why is he wearing shoes in bed while he is sleeping? And he is not under the covers? There are so many things wrong with the first five seconds.

Oh dear, who wants to see a sweaty, odious human being at the start of music video? I would've turned it off right at first sight of his wet hair glued to his sweat soaked forehead.

It seems like he is on the hunt for someone, like he is going to kill the girl that he has yet to start singing about.

And what are those sounds? It sounds like a classic ringtone that comes on iPhones.

This is actually worse than I was expecting. Rapping. This time Ansel, every time, you have gone too far.

Also, the walking, why is he not bending his legs at all and holding his back, like his terribly making fun of an elderly person? I'm downright flabbergasted. I have no idea what is going on in the current.

I legit gave up the ghost when he says "work on my realness". Might need to work a little harder.

"I've been waking up drenched in sweat." No need to state the obvious, Ansel.

How could someone get this far without toppling over in hysterics? It is seriously impossible.

Is he getting sweatier as the video goes on, or is it the same amount as before? Perplexed.

Also what is this chorus? Where's the depth? The creativity? Listing a couple states does not make you smart, or complex.

I'm extremely confused by this video. Can anyone shed some light? Why does he "walk" through different dark, dungeon scenes and then, all of a sudden, reach a game of hopscotch?? And then proceed to walk and then forcefully on purpose bump into a random car?

THAT WALK AGAIN AND AGAIN, it's too much for me to handle. I've literally perished so many times my stomach hurts.

Then the "fall" and that weird thing he does with his leg when he stands up. He grabs onto his knee and pulls his leg to the side and then lets it reach the ground, all the while his face is shocked and pained at the same time. And it is disturbing to watch, let alone write about..

What is he walking over now? A set of stairs that just go up and then back down again.. in the middle of the road. ("Middle of the day. I'm dead.")

Okay, now I'm actually scared for my life. Do you hear that possessed bird chirping? I can still hear it.

Wow. It's over. I think I'm blinded. Sick. Grossed out. Confused and stunned. What really took place on my screen? Ansel needs to follow Zac Efron's advice and get his head in the game. He needs to realize that the world does not revolve around him and that not everyone or every girl wants to drop at his feet and let him take advantage of her. He is a disgrace to human nature and to the world.

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