There must be some rational common ground
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There must be some rational common ground

Can we find it in us to hope and trust that some Trump supporters can be reasoned with?

There must be some rational common ground
Jenna Johnson

Okay so, it happened—America Elected Trump as our president. So yes, he is disturbing, ignorant and hateful, but we need to find hope to survive the next four years. We can’t go on fearful of what is to come. So, I thought I help rationalize why trump supporters did what they did. Maybe if we can rationalize that at least some of the non-crazy Trump supporters can be trusted to help keep him in line.

Let start off with a few negatives. Similar to a compliment sandwich but in this case the rationalizations or compliments are hidden in the middle to lessen the shock.

  • A. He doesn’t quite grasp that Climate Change is a thing. I’m not sure how to evaluate this negative, because I assume the vast majority of us understand science, but I guess I am wrong. The global climate extremes are increasing because the CO2 we produce is too much for the atmosphere. There is data, research and observable confirmations. Trump is in denial and may slow or progress in slowing the damage we cause.
  • B. The keystone pipe line. So, let’s put all personal anger aside about this. Isn’t it horrible business sense to build something that so many consumers from all over the world hate?

Now let’s take a look at some rational reasons to vote for Trump when you can somehow ignore these negatives.

  1. He promised change and was aggressive about it. Americans are desperate and tired of the rut we are stuck in. The desire for change can make even the smartest people capable of ignoring all negatives just so they can see some kind of change—any kind.
  2. He is not another politician.
  3. He has an actual plan of action.
  4. He appeals to the blue-collar workers that don’t want any more taxes taken.
  5. Gun rights.
  6. Criminal Justice Careers benefit from his views.
  7. There is illegal immigration.
  8. Term limits on Congress is reasonable.
  9. Sadly, some Americans feel left behind, because they have been. Not everyone can keep up with the times. It is the sad reality that we live in a society full of hateful people, that are sexist, homophobic and insensitive.

There are a few rational reasons when you ignore the obvious flaws, and then there are sickening reasons to vote for him. Like agreeing with him and seeing these negatives as positive.

  • C. He wants to build a wall. I don’t know about all the Americans that want to kick everyone out, but a wall doesn’t seem like the best option. Even if I’m told time and time again the wall is to keep others out I will feel claustrophobic and trapped by the idea that the wall could also keep us in. Why build ourselves a cage from people just like us?
  • D. He is a hateful unattractive orange boy. I thought he deserved just one immature insult. Because he has personally insulted nearly everyone in the country. I get that political correctness is overrated but such hate is not good for the soul.

Some Trump voters may be reasonable enough to help stop Trump from enacting the disgusting parts of his plan. Let’s hang on to this optimism, and be hopeful. Trump lost the popular vote. There may not have been enough voters to cost him the electoral votes but there may be enough to keep him from not “making American great” if we can accept the Trump voters with the reasonable rational. If we don’t hate them they may be able to help us when he crosses dangerous lines.

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