The first week of classes have come to an end, but it feels as if it's been at least three weeks. I understand! But what about those that were on campus before you moved in?

On campus, our Resident Assistants, RAs, Area Coordinators, ACs, and other members of housing were on campus about two, almost three weeks before you moved in. These people were going through training to make your on-campus living experience memorable. Sure, living on campus can be fun, as it should be! But how do you think it got that way? No one waved a wand to grant a wish; effort was put in, and a lot of it.

Last year, I was a freshman who dreamed of becoming an RA. I hung out with the RAs in the area I lived in, including my designated RA more than any of the others. I formed connections, made friends, and learned from my RAs. It looked like so much fun making bulletin boards, door decorations, planning programs, and everything else in between, it seemed easy. Wow, was I wrong. Is it fun? Most definitely! Is there a lot of work put in? You know it! That's why I'm glad there was two weeks of training where we had time to process information instead of cramming it all together.

I mentioned that I was very close to my RA last year, and I still am; she's one of my closest friends. But I cannot count how many times I thanked her last year for all that she did. Now that I have completed training, I might have thanked her 100 more times. I was very appreciative of the programs planned, door decorations hung, and bulletin boards made, but now that I have gotten some experience already, I became more appreciative of everything.

If you live on campus, make sure you show your RA that you recognize what they do. Go to a program, attend the meetings, or a simple note or conversation that just says thanks. Doing something as small as that will make your RA's day. They are a great resource to have to lead you to other resources if needed, and they want to make your living on campus experience out of this world!