She sits in her tower, young and fair

Golden locks flowing with those oh so blue eyes

Waiting for Prince Charming

until gold started graying

and blue started dying

Waiting forever,

a childhood gimmick


She’s in the kitchen

in her pink, gingham apron

Her fair white skin staring back

through the washed porcelain dishes

Delicate, Dainty, Dignified

A Man’s Dream

An American Dream

Pretty little thing

they say

Translucent dreams

occupy her thoughts

Days go by without any change

“Honey, I’m home!”

She grabs His coat, His gloves, His hat,

smiling with her pretty white teeth

Dinner awaits

like always

A childhood promise

kept and broken after all these years

Rewind 20 years

She’s on the living room floor

dressing up her baby dolls

Pink, white, lace ribbons

to tie up their pretty golden locks

A pretty little doll

for daddy’s pretty little girl


Her Brother’s outside

lining up his toy soldiers

Boom! Boom! Boom!

War plays a tough game


She’s still waiting

But not for her Prince

She’s waiting for tomorrow

Waiting with a broken heart

Holding on to broken dreams

that are still stuck in yesterday

Like a broken record player

rewinding and rewinding but never moving on

She waits and waits until she sees gold again