Ranking 'The Umbrella Academy' Cast By Their Powers
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Ranking 'The Umbrella Academy' Cast By Their Powers

I'm ranking the characters of Netflix's show "The Umbrella Academy" by how cool their powers are.

Ranking 'The Umbrella Academy' Cast By Their Powers

With the new season of "The Umbrella Academy" coming out tomorrow, I took the time to revisit the first season to refamiliarize myself with the characters.

"The Umbrella Academy" is one of those shows where you can get lost in the plot, and it's a great mix of action, drama, superheroes, and real-world struggles.

In honor of the new season, I decided to rank each character's powers by their coolness factor.

7. Super Strength (Number One - Luther Hargreeves)

I don't know about you guys, but super strength is a power that is criminally overused and just not original. Not to mention the fact that a male character possessing this ability is generic and stereotypical. At least if there was a female playing this role there would be some shock factor, but since there isn't, Luther will have to settle for coming in dead last.

6. Manipulation of Throwing Object (Number Two - Diego Hargreeves)

Let me preface this by saying that Diego is one of my favorite characters in the entire show. He looks so cool and his knife throwing is honestly amazing however his power is not that impressive. Apart from being a good shot, what can he really do? Despite his power not being the best, he remains one of my favorites due to his charming personality.


5. Teleportation/Time Travel (Number Five - Five)

I thought it would be fitting if Five was ranked Number Five on my list. Teleportation is definitely a cool power, however, it's not very unique, and many shows and comics incorporate it already. Not to mention, it kinda screwed him over considering he's a 58-year-old trapped in his 13-year-old body.


4. Transforming Sound Into Energy (Number Seven - Vanya Hargreeves)

Vanya took us all by surprise when her power was revealed. You definitely can't argue that this isn't a unique power, and I personally have never even thought of it before. However, her bland personality ruined it for me, and I still found myself looking for more. This caused her to be bumped down a few pegs on this list.


3. Seeing the Dead (Number Four - Klaus Hargreeves)

Alongside Diego, Klaus is another one of my favorites. Though he gets made fun of frequently by his siblings due to his "useless" power, I think it's pretty darn cool. He is the only one who is able to talk to Ben and see anyone else who died. I would love to have this power and Klaus's personality also makes this ability seem more enjoyable.


2. Possessing Monsters From Other Dimensions Under His Skin (Number Six - Ben Hargreeves)

This power sounds extremely uncomfortable, to say the least, but you cannot deny the uniqueness of it. Ben is dead before the show even starts, only visible to Klaus, but when he uses his powers during the flashbacks, it is honestly awesome. I never in a million years would have thought up this power, and I've never seen a power similar.


1. Mental Manipulation (Number Two - Allison Hargreeves)

Imagine being able to control people with a few simple words. Though I have seen this power done in the past, "The Umbrella Academy" gives it a new spin and makes it even more interesting to watch. This is definitely my favorite power and the one I most wish I had. Although Allison isn't high on my list of favorite characters, her power certainly isn't one I'd mind having for a day.


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