A Definitive Ranking Of Dorms On College Of Charleston's Campus
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Student Life

A Definitive Ranking Of Dorms On College Of Charleston's Campus

You'll thank me when you hear McAli's fire alarm from down the street.


College of Charleston is one of those campuses where everything is right there and whoever says location doesn't matter is just wrong. College of Charleston on-campus housing has a lot to offer to incoming freshmen and I say ~freshmen~ because one year living in the dorms is enough for most people when you're living in one of the coolest cities in the US. College of Charleston dorms vary in size and character — each type of on-campus living is different.

You can go for a huge suite with six to eight people or avoid the hassle on move-in day and go for just one room shared between you and your roommate. Whether you love College Lodge for its community vibes or McAlister for its street cred you'll be literally living with your decision for the rest of your freshman year. Here are the ultimate rankings and reviews of College of Charleston's on-campus housing and dorms.

12. Craig Hall

This is one of College of Charleston's freshman dorms is for male students only, but ladies be thankful because this residence hall is notorious for being kind of gross.

11. Buist Rivers

All ladies dorm and the ONLY residence to have hall bathrooms. NO thank you. On the plus side, the bedrooms are huge!!!

10. Liberty Street

Kind of small and semi gross. The entire building is inside so it feels stuffy and like the air isn't circulating. On the up, it's right above Liberty Street Fresh Food Company, so you'll never go hungry.

9. Warren Place

Warren has a pretty large common space but you might end up sharing your suite with eight other people. There's a full kitchen and it's one of the further away dorms from where the majority of the main buildings on campus.

8. College Lodge

People either love it or hate it here. It's not a super large dorm so there's a sense of community that you won't find in other halls, but I can't really get over the old motel feeling so that's why this residence is ranked lower. But, if your into those 1980s motel vibes this is the place for you!

7. George Street Apartments

You probably won't be living here if it's your freshmen year, but if you ask me George Street is NOT worth the hype and it's overpriced.

6. Marcia Kelly McAlister Hall

This is mostly considered a College of Charleston freshman dorm. You share a walk-in closet with your roommate and the common room is a good size, but THIS DORM IS WAY TOO OVERHYPED. It's always a mess because the people who live there are a mess. No thank you.

5. Joe E. Berry Hall

Berry feels a little too closed in for me but has a nice location above a dining hall and is closer to the middle of campus than others. This is definitely considered a College of Charleston freshman dorm.

4. Historic Houses

They seem alright, but you can find your own house off-campus for probably cheaper. Also, this isn't really an option for freshmen but if you're transferring into CofC this is a great choice.

3. Kelly House

Kelly is so cute because the building is pink, but there isn't an elevator so good luck if you get placed on the fourth floor!!! This dorm has a kitchen and holds around 200 students so there are a lot of great things, but Kelly is a little older than other residence halls.

2. Glenn McConnell Hall

McConnell is far to one side of campus, but one of my BFFs lived there her freshman year and their suite was one of the eight-person dorms so they were always having a lit time. Would recommend. Plus, the common area has a good amount of space!

1. Rutledge Rivers

Rutledge Rivers shares a lobby with Buist Rivers, but Rutledge is newly renovated and has a small kitchen. Not to mention that it's located in the center of campus. This building is highly underrated if you ask me.

Everyone wants different things out of dorm living. Whether you're trying to live in McAli at College of Charleston because it's the "party dorm" or you move dorms three times because you're cursed with bad roommates — living in the dorms builds character and makes you a better person because there's nothing like sharing a space with randos or your best friends. Love you, College of Charleston.

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