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Chicken nuggets are one of the best things to grace this good earth. They're just perfect and delicious and say what you want about them, but McDonald's makes some bomb chicken nuggets. The only thing as great as them are the sauces that you can dip them in. But which one is truly best? We won't waste our time on discontinued sauces of the past, just the current line up. Let's dive, or should I say, dip in.

8. Signature Sauce

It seems like every nugget chain has created their own signature sauce now. McDonald's put forth a valiant effort but just fell a little flat with theirs. This sauce isn't bad, but there's no wow factor.

7. Honey Mustard

This used to be the sauce everyone asked for when it came to nugs, but the once king of sauces is falling behind the times. Still not a bad choice, but definitely no longer a top contender.

6. Sweet 'N Sour

You either love this sauce, or you hate it. Personally, I'm all for it, but I can see where some people might not be a fan. Its distinctive flavor keeps it lower on the list.

5. Habanero Ranch

Spicy combined with ranch has to be good, right? You're mixing two awesome things. Despite this, this orange colored ranch just doesn't compete well enough to make its way to the top. Still a solid choice.

4.Tangy Barbeque

A classic for a reason, it's just always been good and always will be. BBQ is clearly here to stay. But, it doesn't always hold a candle to some other flavors, landing it in the middle.

3. Spicy Buffalo

Buffalo is delicious, and if you can't handle the heat, then get out of the drive-thru. Buffalo chicken is one of the greatest flavor combinations in the world as is, so the dip clearly nears the top for a reason.

2. Creamy Ranch

Maybe it's the Midwesterner in me, but ranch goes with everything. It especially pairs so well with chicken nuggets AND french fries alike. You can never go wrong with ranch.

1. Szechuan Sauce

RIP to the best thing to ever happen to McDonald's, even if you weren't a fan of Rick and Morty. I know I said we weren't gonna talk about all the discontinued sauces, but I don't think we'll ever stop mourning this one. A true king of dips.

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