Many People Are Now Calling Josh Gordon The Next Randy Moss

"Flash" Gordon. He's been quite the story these past couple of days and as of this afternoon, he was officially traded to the New England Patriots for a conditional fifth-round pick. This, coming off the fact that on Saturday, Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey tweeted out that the team was going to release or trade Gordon by Monday. Now that he's on the New England Patriots, is this what the Patriots needed to kick-start their slow offense?

Gordon, many now calling him the next Randy Moss, is definitely going to fit into offense very nicely as the season goes on. It's going to be a little rough for him in the beginning, since he has to learn a brand new playbook, but as the season progresses, he'll get in a groove with Tom Brady and find his role in this offense. That and the fact that almost any player that comes from the Browns to the Patriots usually will have a big impact on the team. You look at players like Barkevious Mingo, Jabaal Sheard, and Dion Lewis and see how their success from the Patriots helped them become better players on other teams with more important roles.

Looking at Josh Gordon overall, this is something that the Patriots have to be drooling all over. A giant at 6 foot, 3 inches, 225 pounds, I'm sure they are going to pair him in the slot with Hogan and Patterson. With that, they are probably going to use his height with possessions in the red zone, since every team targets Rob Gronkowski as the primary target for this part of the field. He is going to be a nice red zone target.

Another thing to look at Gordon about is his age. He is 27 years old, meaning that he is starting to get into his prime and what better team to be in your prime with than the New England Patriots. We saw this in many players, including Randy Moss, Deion Branch, Tom Brady, and others all displaying their prime on this team and showing what they can do. If the Patriots use Gordon the right way, we may see his prime make him a really great football player, maybe even a Hall of Famer (but that's too early to tell.)

With the New England Patriots now bringing in another important receiver to add to Tom Brady's receiving core, don't be surprised if Gordon and Corey Coleman come in the game together as x-factors. Remember, Coleman and Gordon were both receivers for the Cleveland Browns up until this upcoming season. We also have other Patriot players that were on the Browns that have made an impact, some like Jason McCourty and Danny Shelton. To add to this Belichick was the coach for the Browns for a time until he became the coach of the Patriots, so does this conspiracy seem like something that could be true?

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