As people, we worry. Whether its a lot or a little, stressing out is inevitable. For certain activities, like buying a house or trying to graduate, stressing out is understandable. However, we each have our own menial tasks that cause us to overthink and even stress. It's normal. At least I figure, but I'm also a 20-year-old journalism major, so what do I know? All I know is that I get way too stressed out and nervous about the most random, everyday tasks, and maybe the rest of society can relate. But I kind of hope not, for humanity's sake.

1. Self-checkout

2. Wondering if the person driving behind me flashed their lights at me or just hit a bump

Sooooo are you trying to tell me something, or did you just hit a pothole?

3. Going to the gym

It's not that I don't like working out or anything, gyms just make me super self-conscious. Mainly because I usually don't know where to go or know how to do anything but run on a treadmill.

4. Putting an equal amount of icing on all the cinnamon rolls

^ ^ ^ Me trying to figure out how to equally distribute all the icing so no cinnamon roll is better than other.

Why am I like this?

5. Scheduling appointments

I'm 20 years old and I still get nervous when I call my doctors/dentist/hairdresser to make an appointment. It's fine.

6. Ordering at a restaurant

I have to rehearse my order in my head like 7 times before the waiter gets to my table.

7. Driving in parking lots

Specifically campus parking lots. Trying to find a spot but also make sure you doge all the cars going in seven different directions can stress anyone out just a tad.

8. Trying to figure out if you should go grocery shopping or just order food

This is an everyday issue with me. Which is very surprising since I'm broke.

9. Seeing someone you "kind of" know in public

I'm never sure if I should say hi to the person, or trust my introvert instincts and not say anything.

10. Remembering the overall uncertainty of life and your purpose in society

Ya know, just your everyday questioning of life's meaning. I know this isn't exactly a "pointless" stressor, but its something that no one knows the answer to, or can control. So it's pointless to stress yourself over it.