Growing up healthy

This list is kind of like an introduction to my childhood and present life. Although some of my mother's health habits are a little yucky, they have only been for the best.

1. Oreos? Try again.

After an exhausting day of middle school this is what me and my siblings would have to come home to. This was definitely okay in my mom's book.

2. Friends would always be disappointed after raiding your kitchen pantry.

Friend: "Why don't you ever have anything that isn't disgusting?"

I honestly couldn't tell you.

3. Your house smells like grilled chicken/healthy food every single day.

My friends used to tell me constantly that my clothes even smelt like chicken.

4. Everything is whole wheat.

It's fine, I'm fine. My taste buds are already desensitized.

5. Tofu all the time but not even vegetarian or vegan.

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against tofu. It's just.....uhh.

6. 100-calorie snacks only.

100 calorie Cheetos and Doritos? Don't even get me started. They're just wannabe snacks.

7. You eat the same three things for dinner every day.

How long can a person go eating only grilled chicken, salad, or soup for dinner everyday? Enough is enough.

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