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Raise Your Voice

Even if it shakes.

Raise Your Voice
Lindsey McCauley

What inspires me is knowing that someday I will make a difference.

In my life I have always been driven, passionate, and determined to make a change in the world. Recently, I have been asked, "What are you going to do after graduation? What will you be studying? What kind of job are you aspiring to have?" Although the trifecta of questions has become familiar it necessarily does not mean they have become more comfortable to answer. Yes, I am able to say with pride that I am happily studying politics and economics in my undergrad. However, when I relay the rest of my answer to the questioner they seem taken aback: "I am unsure what I exactly will do post-graduation. I am thinking law school - but ultimately my goal in life is to work in a career which helps raise the voices that are typically lost among the crowd".

Now, after I reply with this answer I typically get a rebuttal of: "How exactly do you plan on making a career out of that?". To all the people who have questioned my goal to raise the human voice, I have a question for you. When one is inspired do they let doubt fog their path or insecurity impede their future? Or do they take all that has fueled them throughout their life to go make change, to take hold of the unimaginable and positively impact those around them in ways which the world never saw coming.

In grade school on Career Day, I watched as mothers and fathers around me radiated with pride while discussing their "average day" as a firefighter, lawyer, accountant, technician, politician, or nurse. On that very day I was also asked what I planned to do with my life and at the point all I knew is that I wanted to make people happy. Well now, I know I was put on this Earth to help raise the human voice.

I want expression to be heard even if it goes against the social grain. I wish to make a thundering of vocal chords heard around nation because each member not only has differing cultures and upbringings, but contrasting viewpoints. There is beauty in raising the human voice, it tremors when escaping the mouth of a nervous speaker; it remains even and poised when sailing out of a practiced host; but most magnificently it thunders with emotion when one is passionate. In today's society I wish to make this voice more prominent: in business, politics, and normal communication today.

I will make change.

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