Pitter patter.

The first drop on your nose, on a window, perhaps even landing on the grass. Evoking a variety of emotions. Excitement or relief that there is finally something to water the crops or extinguish a drought. Sadness or nostalgia as you sit by the window, watching the gloomy clouds outside. Comfort or drowsiness when you lay in your bed with a captivating book, listening to the small droplets hit the roof. Fear or anger, maybe you realized you have forgotten your umbrella and you have some valuables that forbid the wetness. Memories of playing outside as a child flood in, along with the memories of slow walks and sidewalk kisses.

You feel the cleansing of your body or the traumatic turning point in a movie. Perhaps you miss the sun, afraid of the humidity that suffocates you or the stickiness outside, bringing out the bloodsuckers in the summertime. Maybe it brings you happiness and you see one of the beautiful gifts from God, the promise that shines a multitude of different colors across the sky once it's all over.

Sometimes, it has its own mood. A light drizzle outside could indicate some calmness. Perhaps it may be cold and harsh, it instead forms into beautiful crystals falling from the sky in its own beautiful art form. Anger could rumble through the sky with electrifying light and a loud roar. The beauty of it all is so captivating. It helps create life on earth, it's a tool, and it's even something you can dance in. You could choose to avoid it or you can choose to embrace it. It's a beautiful gift in nature.