Cats Don't Deserve The Reputation They Have

First of all, just look.

Cats are majestic.

Now that we got that out of the way, let me say: I totally get it when people think that cats can be jerks—because they certainly can be.

But, I think it's ridiculous that we always have to divide ourselves. I'm sick and tired of people constantly seeing it as "us against them." I think that we owe it to ourselves and our peers to not have to separate ourselves like that. People are already making everything political. Democrats this, Republicans that. White people this, X Minority that. I've seen this kind of separation for a long time, especially when it comes to being a cat person or a dog person. Why can't we just appreciate all animals?!

People that own a cat, or five, know that there is a good reason that people hate on cats. It's simply that cats will do whatever they want. You can call your little demon child as much as you want and he will ignore you until the time is convenient for him. (Also, I know that all kitties are not demon cats but there's a good amount of them).

Cats can be just as cuddly as dogs. Plus it's nice that you can do your thing and they can do their own thing and love on you at the end of the day, just like a significant other.

I think that people don't give cats a chance as much as they really ought to. They provide companionship just like a dog is able to. And if you're not a fan of going on walks or running, they don't require that kind of exercise. Just point the laser from the comfort of your own bed and allow them to go at it!

All cats do not deserve to have the stereotype that they're mean and hate everyone. Plus—I'll let you in on a secret—some of them actually like belly rubs. Crazy, right?

So, stop hating on cats just because you don't understand them. They deserve love just like pups do.

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