As a student on one of the most diverse campus in the United States, I see many different cultures every day. However, you may not realize that some of these familiar faces are still experiencing some sort of racism today. Racism is the prejudice, discrimination or oppression of a person or race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. The United States of America has had a strong racist past, including slavery, but has it really gone away?

We no longer have segregated schools and bathrooms, but we do still have racial inequality. Not only are minorities, paid less, but they are often left to do menial jobs that the “white man”, wouldn’t do. On the other hand, there are instances across the country concerning Police Brutality and the stance for Black Lives Matter. Not only are people being racially profiled, but belittled as well for their views. For example, the Black Lives Matter movement is being belittled by other groups who have not been oppressed in the past as some people feel that the black community is being prejudice towards others and are trying to start the campaign for All Lives Matter. Thing is, that Black Lives Matter is a movement standing for everyone, and fighting for equal rights; it is not just a movement for the black community but a movement for equality.

Even though issues like segregation and slavery ended years ago, it doesn’t mean that is is gone for good. In fact, it is still a prominent issue in our American society. Whether it stems from a joke, or simply just a person believing that white people, are the dominant race. With our current President, Donald Trump we are brought back to a primitive state, in which he believes that people of white decent are the dominant race. Not only is he oppressing people, but promoting racism in our society. Recently at Quinnipiac University, a student took a racist joke too far; the student [white], had a face mask on her [black], and quoted the picture with the famous issue in the black community that “Black lives matter”. Even though the university took disciplinary action against the student, it still doesn’t change the fact that it happened.

Racism is real and an issue that will continue, the thing to keep in mind is that it never really goes away. It is on every college campus, it’s in politics, or even in the values your parents instilled in you. Even though you don’t see active members of the KKK walking down every block in all white, doesn’t mean that they are gone; in fact, the group is still at large, and considered an act of terrorism. No matter what, we do not live in a race free world. Instead of shying away from what makes you uncomfortable, people need to make a change and realize that everyone is equal, and should be considered equal in every way.

As a hope for the American future, all we can do is hope for a place that everyone can call home, and equal. Will this happen? We can only hope so, but till then we need to educate the younger generations, and create change and promote the equality and freedom for all. Every single person should have a safe place to call home, no matter what race where they feel loved and deserved by those around them instead of the hatred and ignorance that our society is based on. It may take some time, but it will change. No person should be fearful or timid because of their race: black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, or any race we should all be equal.