College is a crazy time. Good thing we have Ross, Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler, and Pheobe to get us through.

1. When you come home from college and your family asks you what your plans are for after school.

2. When you want to use your meal plan to it's fullest potential ​

3. When someone asks you to make plans to something you don't want to go to.

4. When someone tries to talk to you during that 8 a.m. class.

5. When your professor asks you why you didn't read up on anything over the summer.

6. When your friends get too comfortable at your dorm.​

7. When someone on campus is handing out free food.

8. When your portable fridge breaks down but you're a broke college student that can't let anything go to waste.

9. When something with your major doesn't quite go as planned

10. When it's the second day of college and you're already struggling.