Questions You Ask Yourself During The Summer

The same problems plague any person out of school for summer, whether it's high school or college. It's almost as if everyone is unsure what to do with a ridiculous amount of unstructured time. There's so much time to do anything and everything, but also so much time to do nothing. So here are the questions we ask ourselves through the course of our free, steaming hot three months.

"Should I start a diet?"

It's probably too late to start anyways...

"Where should I apply for a job?"

Once you're over the age of 16, suddenly a summer job is a necessity.

"Do I actually want a job?"

Obviously the smart move, but think of all the spontaneous adventures you could be going on without a job holding you back.

"When is my shift over?"

and when you finally get a job you're so ready for it to be over.

"Should I go for a run?"

*checks temperature*

"I wonder if my shoes are melting on this pavement?"

Seriously, without my shoes taking one for the team, I think the bottoms of my feet would melt off too.

"Could it get any hotter?"

Probably not.

"Siri, how far away am I from the beach?"

If it's sunny and 75, I can't picture myself elsewhere.

"Where are my flip flops?"

Every. Single. Day.

"Do I really need another bikini?"

The answer is a definite no, but if I'll never be able to see Victoria's Secret bathing suits on the market again, you best believe I'm making a stock pile this summer.

"Siri, what I can do for free thats fun?"

There has got to be something.

"Have I gotten any tanner?"

Constantly checking my tan lines...oh wait, that's sunburn lines.

"What time is it?"


"What day is it?"

It's Thursday? I swore it was Tuesday. You mean it's June already?

"Can you see my sweat through this shirt?"

*avoids the color gray for three months straight*

"Should I do something else today?"

Eh, I've got plenty of time another day...

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