Questions All Out-Of-State Students Have Heard All Too Well

Hello, fellow incoming freshmen or transfers to a higher education institution. If any of you are like me, you're extremely excited to start this tedious and competitive journey for the next four years of your lives. If any of you are scarily like me, you're probably going to college at another state too.

There's really nothing wrong with this. It's a new chapter of our lives, and we should treat it as such; moving to another state just makes this life moment all the more official. With that being said, though, I've encountered a plethora of introductory questions with my fellow student mates, but I feel like out-of-state students like me get significantly more predictable introductory questions asked than an in-state student would. It's nice for the first few days, but then it just gets kind of tiresome. Here are a few:

1. Where are you from?

Classic, I know. Everyone asks this question to each other. But, for out-of-state students, the most annoying part is when you can already predict their reaction. "Where are you from?" "I'm from [enter state]" "Oh wow!"

2. How do you like the weather here?

Valid question, but really? The weather's the weather. It's moderate. It's not bad. I like it.

3. Aren't you cold?

Just because I'm from another state -- which you probably already forgot what state -- doesn't mean I can't stand the wind blowing in my face.

4. Aren't you warm?

Again, just because I'm from the Northeast doesn't mean that I don't get cold, too. No, I'm not gonna wear shorts when it's night time, mid 50s with wind chills, in Berkeley.

5. How much is the tuition for you guys?

A lot more than you guys are paying for. Yeah, a lot. Rip.

6. Are you gonna go home for thanksgiving?

Well, airplane tickets aren't really the cheapest, and thanksgiving break is only 4 days. Do I really want to fly cross-country for 4 days? Hmm. Let me get back to you on that in late November, but by then you guys would already be driving back home. *sad face* *envious face*

7. Don't you miss your family?

Mmhm. Yes. What kind of person doesn't miss their family?! I think people get the notion that if you go somewhere far away for college, you desperately want to get away from your family. Which is mostly NOT TRUE AT ALL.

8. Which city is better?

Stop it, you. Just... Just stop it. I love both cities! That's why I moved here!

9. Why do you want to go here?

Because it's awesome? I love the campus and the location? Also, do you not know that it's THE UC Berkeley? Like, Robert Reich teaches here. Nathan Adrian's here. Berkelium and Californium was discovered in this campus. Come on.

10. How much did you bring to college?

Two to four suitcases and a carry-on or two. Next.

11. Have you been here before?

Okay, ya got me there. But I'm here now, and I'm in love with the campus, and the location, and the weather, and the architecture, and everything about my college. Yes, I go here now, and I'm going to live here for the next four years of my life.

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