10 Questions We Have For Donald Trump
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10 Questions We Have For Donald Trump

Gotta get these in before he makes even more senseless decisions.

10 Questions We Have For Donald Trump

This piece was co-written by Shannon Blackler.

We're just at the beginning of the Trump presidency and his decisions have left a lot to be desired for people passionate about many causes, including women's rights (shout out to the protesters who took part in the Women's March!) and environmental and cultural protection (thank you, indigenous beauties). My head is full of questions, concerns, and confusion. Here are some of the things I'd like to be able to ask the new president if I were a reporter; that is, if he doesn't call my organization terrible and refuse to acknowledge my questions because of his bias.

1. What's your secret plan behind nominating people to positions in the Cabinet that don't have any experience or are opponents of what it represents?

I'm looking at you, DeVos and Pruitt.

2. Why are you such a creep toward women?

Wanting to date your daughter in another universe where you aren't her dad is a little weird, dude, and don't even get me started on your most infamous quote that involves vulgar grabbing.

3. Why do you value America's economy over indigenous rights and environmental conservation?

The DAPL and Keystone XL Pipeline (which you recently revived) didn't go forward for a reason; let the dead plans rest in peace. I get that you have the whole "American First" ideology, but shouldn't the good of humankind come before the good of a country?

4. How do you feel about your biggest platform plan falling through?

I mean, countless folks flocked to you because of the wall, which was supposed to be paid for by Mexico. Now America has to shell out the cash? Awkwaaaard. Not exactly what you've been preaching throughout your campaign.

5. Why do you attempt to outright silence those who have opposing views instead of welcoming a healthy discussion?

He detests journalists, calling them "dishonest" and "scum", probably because they work hard to expose the truth, regardless of party preferences. Also, that EPA media blackout seems pretty foreboding; not a good move.

6. Do you know that there is no such thing as "alternative facts"?

This one's just sad. The sensitivity over the size of his crowd reveals the size of his ego. Also, "alternative facts" is a code word for "lies". Just sayin'.

7. What steps will you take in the very near future to unite this divided country?

As evident by the elections, this whole country is divided in its beliefs, but what steps will Trump take in order to ensure the scared and angry citizens that everything will be okay? That no matter what, our rights, that have been fought for in the past, will be protected.

8. Would you consider a joint Russian-American military operations in order to take down ISIS?

Just curious what it would look like if Russia and the US worked together to bring down ISIS. Does Trump even think it's a valid goal to take down the terrorists that are attacking so many nations around the world? Or is he just going to stay away and not get involved, like the US never did before.

9. You are banning refugees from "dangerous" Muslim countries to enter the US, but how will you stop media influence over people already in the US?

It may be wise to ban people from countries with ISIS in them from entering the US, but the influence these terrorists have are also prevalent on the internet. It makes no sense to stop people from attaining safety when everything thats "dangerous" can be accessible on the web.

10. Do you think if you were exposed to more culture when you lived in Jamaica, Queens, your beliefs would be different about immigrants?

You grew up in one of the most diverse places I know, but yet you still oppose immigrants coming to America. People come to America to escape the horrors of their own country, just like your grandparents and mother did when they immigrated here.

I'm not surprised at the nonsense that has emerged so soon after Trump became president, but I can only hope that he'll realize the amount of hurt he's causing with his choice of words and his actions that impact many Americans seeking justice for themselves and the causes they are so passionate for. Keep on being active, visible, and vocal, everybody; we have more power than Trump will let us believe.

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