1. Do we both want to move in together?

This is the most important to ask. You don't want to have one partner on the fence about moving in. After all, that person may have doubts about the relationship, and you do not want to be roped into a lease with someone, which most of the time is a year-long, without making sure you are both on board.

 2. Who will be paying for what? 

Sometimes partners may make different amounts of money, so finances are a must to discuss when considering to move in together. In my case, my boyfriend has already graduated from college and has a pretty nice job as a mechanical engineer, while I am still a student and work at a hardware store. By his own choice, he wanted to pick up the big things by himself such as rent, but we have a 50/50 split on groceries and I pay the insurance, along with a few other small things.

 3. Do you both want to live in the same area? 

More than likely, your geographical location has brought you together. However, it is important to decide if you both want to stay in a certain area, and for what length of time.

 4. How do you feel about drug and alcohol use? 

If one partner drinks or smokes and the other doesn't, there may be an issue, especially if there has been in the past. It is important to disclose both of your feelings about having or using certain substances in the home.

 5. Do our cleanliness levels match up? 

If one person is neat as a pin and the other doesn't even know what a laundry hamper is, there may be some issues. It is important to realize beforehand how much clutter your partner can stand. Unless you spend a lot of time over each other's places, you probably would not have a feel for how tidy they like to be.

 6. Does your work or school schedule match up with theirs? 

If he works nights and you work days, this may be hard on the both of you. You may not be able to spend time with your significant other or even be able to do things around the house without disturbing them. Also, the sleeping schedule would, at least in the beginning, leave both partners a little tired.

 7. What chores do you expect each other to do? 

When living with other people, be it in a relationship or not, it is expected that each member of the household do chores. For example, my boyfriend does dishes and I make the bed, he vacuums, and I clean the bathroom. We found this balance naturally, but it is important to be upfront with your expectations.

 8. How do you feel about visitors? 

It is important to discuss with your significant other when people are coming over. If they are tired or not feeling great, a last-minute text saying, "Hey, three of my friends are coming over after work," may not be ideal. While duh, you should be able to have company over, communication is important.

 9. What foods does your other half get sick thinking about? 

If the smell of curry or fish makes your partner gag, you may need to sacrifice cooking it at home.

 10. How serious is the relationship? 

One piece of advice...if you have a gut feeling it won't work out, hold out on moving in. Moving in will not fix relationship issues. That said, it is important to discuss where you both see the relationship going. Do you just want to live together? Do you eventually want to get married? What does the future hold?

 11. Are there going to be pets involved? 

It is important to discuss if you will be bringing pets with you. Some rental places do not allow you to have pets or certain dog breeds. This should be figured out before you move rather than last minute since there is another living thing involved.

 12. How do you both prefer to sleep? 

Both my boyfriend and I need our apartment to be 65 degrees or lower when we sleep at night. He gets way too hot, and I just like to have an excuse to have three blankets on me. If your partner wants to be eight degrees and you like it cold, you better get used to the couch.

 13. How are you going to share your space?

If you're like me and have A LOT of clothes, your partner may not like having to give up most of the closet, and the dresser (sorry Justin).