"Avengers: Endgame" will be released in theaters in a couple of weeks and the story of some of our most beloved superheroes will come to an end. With a new trailer being released, I found myself in complete shock and feeling a sense of suspense, hope, and fear. I also had a question after question popping into my mind as I over-analyzed the trailer like I always do. Here are some of the questions that came to mind as I was wiping the tears from my eyes.

1. How did Tony fix up a ship and get into space?

2. How long has Tony been in space?

3. Will Hawkeye's daughter be the new version of Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)?

4. Will Captain America be the first of the Avengers to die?

5. What is with the new white & red uniforms?

6. Why is Captain Marvel such a beast?!

7. Will there be some romantic chemistry between Thor & Captain Marvel?

8. Will Nebula learn to be a team player and join the Avengers?

9. Will Ant-Man & Captain Marvel be the key to defeating Thanos?

10. How did the Hulk get his "groove" back after his fight against Thanos?

11. How did Ant-Man get out of the Quantum Realm?

12. How long was Ant-Man in the Quantum Realm?

13. What role (if any) will Pepper Potts play in Endgame?

14. Where will the big showdown between the Avengers and Thanos take place?

15. How is the world functioning after Thanos' finger snap?

16. How long has Hawkeye assumed the role of "Ronin"?

17. Where does the scene where Hawkeye is running away from an explosion take place?

18. Could Hawkeye be running through tunnels of a lab that Tony created to make a replica Infinity Gauntlet to stop Thanos?

18. Why has Black Widow not cut the blonde out of her hair? (Not an important question, but a serious observation)

20. Will the post credit-scenes be a proper introduction for the X-Men after Disney secured the rights for them from Fox?

21. Will they introduce Galactus in the post-credit scene as the new baddie for the Avengers and the MCU?

22. What will Stan Lee's cameo be?

23. How many post-credit scenes will there be?

24. If Galactus is not the next villain of the Avengers franchise, then who is?

25. Which Avengers will meet their fate at the hands of Thanos?

The end is coming. The world will be watching as one of the greatest showdowns in cinematic history unravels before our eyes. With so many questions left to be answered, April 26th cannot come soon enough. Knowing Marvel, I am sure there will be lots of surprises coming from "Avengers: Endgame". In the words of Tony Stark, "Part of the journey is the end," and a great end "Avengers: Endgame" will be.