Burning Questions I Have After Watching Stranger Things 3
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9 Burning Questions I Have After Watching "Stranger Things 3"

It would be b*tchin' if someone could give me answers

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Nearly two years after season two, we finally have season three of "Stranger Things." Seeing as it's been out since July 4th, that means everyone has had ample time to binge, cry, and wallow in sadness. The season was amazing, but as usual it leaves viewers with loose ends they can't wait to see come together in the next season (hopefully sooner than two years).

1. What happened to the name Jane?


In season two of "Stranger Things" we find out that Eleven's real name is Jane and she kind of acted like she wanted to be called by it. It's even on the birth certificate Hopper gets at the end. Maybe she decided to stick with El because that's what everyone in her life calls her. Also, in terms of the show, it would be a little weird to start calling a main character by a whole new name. Regardless, I just wonder.

2. What happened to the Demodog in Joyce's freezer?


In season two, Dustin and Steve put the body of a dead Demodog in Joyce's freezer because it's a "major scientific discovery," but it never shows back up in season three. This has less to do with the plot and more to do with me just wanting to know what they did with the body of that weird creature...and Joyce's reaction to finding it in her freezer.

3. Did Billy and Max's relationship change in the time between season two and three?


Billy was pretty crappy in season two...and that's an understatement. Max didn't seem like she was the biggest fan of her stepbrother seeing as he was incredibly controlling and kind of an emotional abuser. In season three though, she seems to be a lot more worried about him than I would've expected. Now I didn't think she'd be flippant about his possession and death, but she's genuinely hurt when he dies. Maybe it's just me, but I would've like to see a little more interaction between the two to get a feel for their relationship prior to Billy getting taking over by the Mind Flayer and heroically sacrificing himself to save Eleven.

4. What happened to Murray?


We never see Murray escaping the mall after everything goes down. Did he get out and we just weren't shown? Did he tragically perish as well? Is he the American trapped in Russia? The latter two can probably be ruled out because you can actually call Murray and get a hinting voicemail about what may play out in season four.

5. Where did the Byers and Eleven move?


Since Mike and El were talking about visiting during Thanksgiving and Christmas, this tells us that they're more than a couple towns over. Are they still even in Indiana? And how will long distance play out in the next season?

6. Where will season four take place?


There hasn't been an official announcement yet, but I think it's safe to say there will be a season four. But with El and the Byers having moved out of Hawkins, where will the events take place? It's likely that Russia will be one setting, but will the happenings migrate to the States or will the character jet off to Russia? The latter seems unlikely, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

7. Why did Eleven lose her powers?


Eleven displayed a major use of power this season trying to take out the Mind Flayer and can't use her powers after. Why does this take so much out of her that she loses her powers? Again she used up a lot of strength, but I'd argue that she worked harder closing the Gate in season two. So why didn't she lose her powers then? Does it have something to do with the bite?

8. Are we ever going to learn more about the other kids from the lab?


So yes we had a bit of this in season two with Kali aka 008, but that was kind of a flop. We know there were at least 11 test subjects, but where there more? Did others escape like El and Kali or did they die during experiments. I'm not asking for episodes about the others, but maybe at least show us a file or something, for closure.

9. And of course the question everyone is asking: Is Hopper alive?


At the end of the season, Hopper heroically sacrifices himself to save Hawkins, seemingly perishing in an explosion. But during the end credit scene, we see Russians talking about an American they have imprisoned. Most people believe that Hopper is this American. But how did he escape the explosion and how did the Russians get him? Instead of being the American trapped in Russia, is he maybe trapped in the Upside Down? Since we don't know when season four will be released, we'll just have to keep theorizing and mopping up our tears for the time being.

Now keep theorizing about everything that could answer these question and stay strange.

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