I Asked My S.O. These 20 Questions About Me, And He Suprised Me
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I Asked My S.O. These 20 Questions About Me, And He Suprised Me

An edition of me torturing my boyfriend with "how well do you know me?" questions.

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My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 months now, and just had our anniversary on the 25th! We actually both went to the same high school but had never talked to each other until our first day of college at UIUC. It turns out that we had a TON of similar interests and everything just sparked from there.

What is really funny to me is that I was not expecting to date so early into college, and was not intending at all to date my first semester. I guess God had other plans for me.

And since quarantine started, we've had A LOT of time to talk...so I'm expecting him to ace most to all of these questions.

1. What's my favorite food?



2. What's one food I hate?



3. What's my favorite restaurant?

"Olive Garden, wait Sushi Station?"


Personal Note: Olive Gaden is mouthwatering and I'll take sushi literally any day, but Potbelly is where my heart is.

4. What's one cause I really care about?

"Dream Riders, the horse place, right?"


5. Where was I born?

"Kansas, wait Illinois?" *laughs nervously* "Wait didn't you say that your mom had the same doctor birth you and your sister? So around here???"


6. Who is my absolute best friend?

"Wait....me?" *hee hee smiles*


7. What's my favorite thing about you?

"Like you say a lot when I ask you, you always say how kind I am. You are always surprised by it."


8. What is my dream job?

"National Geographic Photographer, Writer, uhhhh nature news person."


9. What's my favorite color?

"Red." *gets it right on the dot*


10. What's one thing I'm really bad at?

"Spelling, which is pretty ironic for a writer. I hope this doesn't make you lose all your credibility hahhah"

Sadly, Right/Wrong

11. What's one thing I'm really good at?

*awkward silence* "Being my girlfriend?"

Right/Wrong (I would hope so lol)

12. What would you say is my greatest weakness?

"Confidence or indecisiveness."


13. What would you say is my greatest strength?



14. Who am I closest to in my family?

"Your sister, is that right?"


15. How did I get my name?

"Your Dad didn't like the certain Italian name, I forgot.... and then your great aunt said 'Why didn't you name her (uhh Adriana??)?' And he said that he liked Erin instead."

Right/Wrong -> Ehhh kind of right lol, I'll give it to him.

Personal Note: It was Giana.

16. Who is my role model?

"Jane Goodall? The monkey, chimpanzee safari lady who did a lot of wildlife stuff?"


Personal Note: My uncle

17. What is my love language?

"You only speak English, so English. Or backscratches??" *I promptly explain the question to him* "Ohhhh. Physical touch and quality time. You're more about spending time with me and physical connection. You like gifts and think they are nice, but they are not necessary to you."


18. What is my biggest regret?

"Not doing more in high school."


19. What is my greatest fear?

"Not being prepared, for classes, for school, for life."


20. What is my biggest insecurity?

"Intelligence. You compare yourself to a lot of your peers and you feel that you are lackluster in that department. But intelligence does not mean being good at what your peers are doing, but what you like and want to do."


Score: 16/20

I guess my S.O. knows me better than I thought! Even though he missed some of the more simple questions, he nailed the complicated ones almost better than I could myself. It is such a comforting feeling and a new experience for me to share so much of my life with another person, and I am so glad that I get to do it with him. This game has opened my eyes to how much I have shared my passions, regrets, and insecurities with him over the months we have been together, and now I feel myself falling a little deeper in love.

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