Friendships are the most valuable assets an individual will ever encounter.

They are what sculpt, strengthen, and inspire you to move forward in times when you feel lost or afraid. Their need to provide for you in times of darkness so you could see your own light is what keeps you burning. They do not leave you for your mistakes but rather guide you through them, or forget about you because they found individuals who they feel are better. It is necessary that people understand the difference between individuals who build them rather than use them because you should never settle for people who are unworthy of your love; instead, find those who will be there for you in your weakest moments.

When we find individuals we connect with, we believe the bond we create should be sustainable and unbreakable, but when that bond creates toxicity, it's necessary that we have the strength to step away, no matter how hard we want to stay. No friendship should make you feel inferior, or bring you to a point where you feel you need to question the true authenticity of a person. The relationship between two individuals should have the ability where you give each other the power to grow in a positive direction rather than causing us to feel undeserving of any true happiness. Finding the few individuals who have the ability to provide us with the intentions of seeing us prosper is far more valuable than creating relationships with many individuals who have no care for what we intend to do in the future.

Our mentality to find people who will give us company rather than finding those who will supply us with loyalty is what makes us unaware of what true friendship consists of. We believe that having constant company combats the loneliness we feel; rather, it is the sole reason we feel unloved. The quality of friendships we produce is far more valuable than the number of "friends" we create. Understanding that we need to produce relationships that allow us to push us forward rather than pull us backward is necessary to create a positive environment around us.

When we learn to accept the friendships that allow us to thrive is the moment we allow happiness to exist for us. Formulate bonds that allow you to grow, teach you greatness, and stand by your side through it all. These relationships are worth fighting for, and they are the bonds that will last you a lifetime because no matter where you go, these individuals will be the ones cheering you on or pulling you back up.