7 Questions I Have For Quinnipiac
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7 Questions I Have For Quinnipiac

Every Quinnipiac student has asked these questions before; is Quinnipiac the same as other schools?

7 Questions I Have For Quinnipiac

Quinnipiac is a unique school for it's size, campus, and student body. We all walk around campus everyday experiencing similar things and seeing similar faces. As with other schools, there is definitely a list of certain topics that all Quinnipiac students have discussed, but are they really that different than those at other schools?

1. The Shuttles

Is every college shuttle system this inconsistent?

For any Quinnipiac student that has ever needed to get anywhere, you know the struggle. Also be careful not to get too drunk before toads, or ever not have your Q card unless you don't want to be let on, and don't even try calling Public Safety to ask when your shuttle's coming. The world may never know.

2. The Gym

Are all college gyms this bad?

I am barely exaggerating when I say I think we have one of the worst gyms of any college campus in the United States. I'm not referring to the gym on York Hill, shout out to all my favorite spin instructors up there. Really though Mount Carmel, 7 treadmills? In the corners of the raised track? With one corner for abs? And do I dare go in the weight room? The worst part is if I decide to put in the effort to work out on York, I have to take a shuttle.

3. Kate from Dana?

Do students everywhere associate everyone with their res halls?

Only freshman and sophomores live on the Mount Carmel campus, so it's pretty normal to see a lot of familiar faces and know the kids in your dorm , but is it common at other schools to refer to someone based off of where they live? I often hear students talking to each other and saying "Jack who?" for example, the response; "Jack from Mountainview", or just referring to someone as "Kate from Dana" or "Carly from Commons." Let's not forget about York hill; how about "Rob from Crescent"? Do all small colleges refer to people like this?

4. Chartwells

Is any college food edible?

This one is definitely relatable for students at any college. The dining service. How bad can it really be? You may not have Chartwells, but I'm sure you have some other assumed to be laxative-laced food, and if you don't, I'm extremely jealous and hope you're lucky enough to not only eat soup , eggs, or salad every day. It's sad when your food is referred to as "Shartwells".

5. Uber Everywhere

Is Uber as important to anyone else as it is to me?

We can't trust the shuttles, but we can trust our favorite Uber drivers; even if public safety can't. Us girls know the inconvenience of this all too well. Imagine this; a cold Saturday night, Toads outfits which includes uncomfortable heels, and the dreaded walk to Hogan road. This is okay if you live in mountainview, but coming from commons it's quite the hike. Thank you pub safe for not allowing the Ubers to come to New Road anymore, or to pick us up at our dorms for that matter, even though Uber drivers have to go through background checks, but the dominos delivery drivers don't (not that I'm complaining that my pizza or Chinese food comes right to my dorm). So, Uber everywhere if only you get picked up and dropped off at Hogan Road, but god forbid your uber driver parks on the side of Hogan, and doesn't pull into the parking lot. Does public safety want to make it impossible for us to get off campus ever?!

6. The Grass

Why is walking on the grass socially unacceptable?

I knew I could not have written this article without including the infamous quad, as much as it's been written about before. You can't walk on the grass, as convenient and timesaving as it would be. Our $60,000 a year tuition is assumed to go into keeping the grass naturally green all year round. Can we at least get a better gym first?

7. President Lahey

Is any college president this relevant?

Coming into Quinnipiac I wasn't really sure why President Lahey was so iconic. His connotations are really similar to the headmaster at my high school , mainly being overly paid while no one really knows what he does. Then I found out why. Has the president, chancellor, or dean of your college ever gone to a May weekend party, taken control of the microphone, and said in front of a bunch of red solo cup bearing students that he was "going to buy out this whole neighborhood" for applause? I don't think so.

There's a lot to say about Quinnipiac, as I'm sure any student can say after being at their own university for at least a week. However, we can make fun of it as much as we want, we're still proud to be bobcats. But really, is all of this stuff so common?

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