Why It's Okay To Put Mental Health Over School
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It Is Absolutely OK To Put Your Mental Health Over School

In order to do well in school, we must first make sure we are doing well with ourselves.

It Is Absolutely OK To Put Your Mental Health Over School

We've all had those days where we sit on our beds crying over the amount of school work we have to do. Or where we physically cannot make ourselves get out of bed in the morning because we question if we are even worth it. The truth of that is that it is absolutely okay. There have recently been sharp increases in the amount of severe psychological problems reported in students of all ages. Some of the causes being the intense pressure of school work, while other causes being the intense pressure to fit in. No matter what the cause of the mental breakdown is, it's a common misconception that you have to keep going without pausing to take care of yourself. You have to continue studying, going to school, and focusing on your work, or else you are only hurting yourself. This common idea could not be further from the truth.


The feeling of not belonging is common in all students, especially those in their teen years. Students are frequently comparing themselves to others in terms of looks or grades, and feeling as if they are not worthy. Often times we do not stop to realize that we are all in the same boat, and even the person that we think has it all also doubts themselves. No one wears their insecurities or anxieties on their sleeve for all to see. We're all scared, and we are all trying our best. Once we realize that no one person is better than another, it will become easier to gain traction and confidence.


It is important to remember that you are not alone. Look around at your classmates and realize that the feelings you have are more than likely shared with your peers. Reaching out for help when you need it, whether it is to a friend, a teacher, or a counselor, can be very beneficial. Knowing when to ask for help and when you need to talk is crucial to maintaining a healthy mind and soul.


It is a lot easier to understand these concepts than it is to apply them. For this reason, know when you need to take time to work on these things and focus on yourself. Needing to take a break is too frequently looked upon as being weak when it is actually strengthening you. Make sure to care about yourself more than you care about your grades, and success will follow.


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