11 Different Views on the Meaning of Life
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11 Different Views on the Meaning of Life

There are different theories on what the purpose of human life.

11 Different Views on the Meaning of Life

The "meaning of life" has been constantly questioned since the beginning of mankind, and as students, we're told all the time how to live our lives. We're young and I know that I don't know the answers to life yet, do you? There are various philosophies- some popular, some very unpopular who have already put out their opinion on what the so called "meaning of life" is. So while we're still still searching for our answers, here are 11 of the most famous theories on life's purpose:

1) To have pleasure

According to hedonistic theory, the pursuit of pleasure and self- indulgence is most important.

2) To be good

Aristotle's theory on the purpose of life is that humans are meant to do everything with a goal in mind, and that goal must be good.

3) To learn more

In Platonism, the meaning of life is in attaining the highest form of knowledge.

4) To follow God's will

In theism, God created the world with a purpose, creating meaning for humans. In turn, humans must follow God's will as their life purpose.

5) To do anything

According to nihilist theory, life has no meaning and that values are baseless. Therefore, there is no purpose to life.

6) To be self- sufficient

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Cynicism believes that the biggest purpose in life is to reject the conventional, be self- sufficient, and master one's mental abilities.

7) To make decisions and be positive

In existentialism, a person's purpose is to act as a free and responsible as possible.

8) To care for nature

According to naturalistic pantheism, the meaning of life is to care for and look after nature and the environment.

9) To act in self- interest and common good

Humanist theory on the purpose of life states that life is extremely personal, therefore each person's purpose will be different. There is an emphasize on common good, and the potential of the individual.

10) To bring the most good to humans

To a pragmatic, the meaning/ purpose of life is subjective, and is only discoverable via experience. The needs of humankind should guide human's questions and therefore the purpose of many is to bring the most good to as many as possible.

11) To defend individual liberty

Classical liberalism emphasizes the importance of individual liberty, and that the purpose of life is to defend this inalienable right.

So while you're out there discovering your "meaning of life" keep these in mind to help you on your journey through the world.

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