Purpose And Drive: A Drummer's Thoughts On Music
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Purpose And Drive: A Drummer's Thoughts On Music

"The point of life is to live, not make a living."

Purpose And Drive: A Drummer's Thoughts On Music

Purpose is an extremely weighty word. From this one word, you either feel scared as hell or you feel a sense of immense peace. If you have no idea what you want to do with your life, that is honestly the best place you can be. Recent graduate from Belmont University, Jon Lee, opened up and discussed his journey, struggles, and purpose through pursuing music and percussion.

Why do you play music?

"I play music because my life's purpose is fulfilled with music. I want to be a role model to society and music is what I use to socially connect with people."

What have you learned through your journey through music?

"Music is a powerful tool. When you pursue a career in it, you automatically become an influence on society whether you like it or not. As a musician, you are a driving force of the entertainment industry and you will capture someone's attention. Use that attention wisely and for good deeds only!"

Why do you play percussion? Why not another instrument?

"Percussion is what people know of as the backbone of the group. Percussion keeps the band in sync and also influences the feel and energy of how the song can go. Percussion replicates my personality because I believe I wield strong leadership qualities."

Why do you want to pursue a master's degree in music?

"A master's in music is important to me because I believe in the high value of education. It is a privilege that I treasure and never want to take for granted. I also one day want to be a part of the education system and help the next growing generation as a teacher."

What has been your hardest struggle through your musical journey?

"The hardest struggle was discovering my purpose. I realized that calling music my passion means nothing. There must be a reason you pursue music other than it being your passion. Earlier I said that all musicians are an influence of society. It took me a long time to discover the power that music can hold."

What has your greatest moment in music?

"My greatest moment so far, was when I discovered a small piece of my purpose: to bring joy to people's lives. Once I discovered that I was good at making people smile, I made that my purpose every time I perform on stage or interact with people off stage."

Any advice for musicians out there?

"Never let someone else tell you what your purpose in life is. This is a personal journey. The truth is, people will be better than you at some things and you might get discouraged. That just means there's a certain skill and purpose that is meant just for you and only you can excel best at."

Any last words on your heart?

"My secret to happiness is love and joy. Spread it. The point of life is to live, not make a living. Don't let temporary concrete objects shadow your life's purpose."

In the end, live your life. Even if you are not the best, do the best you can and you will make a difference and figure out your purpose in this life. This process can take a few days or twenty years, but what matters is that YOU are changed and that you live life you have always imagined.

Interview with Jon was done on July 6th, 2016.

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