The 10 Precious Pups You Could Be From Wes Anderson's "Isle Of Dogs"
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The 10 Precious Pups You Could Be From Wes Anderson's "Isle Of Dogs"

Which canine are you most like in "Isle Of Dogs."

The 10 Precious Pups You Could Be From Wes Anderson's "Isle Of Dogs"

Wes Anderson's "Isle of Dogs" is a whimsical tale set in a fictional Japanese city approximately twenty years in the future. Mayor Kobayashi and the Kobayashi dynasty of Megasaki city are harshly opposed to dogs. A dog flu infects all canines in the city, resulting in their exile to trash island by the mayoral household. The story follows 12-year-old Atari on his quest to reunite with his beloved dog Spots. The film is filled with painstakingly gorgeous animation and a plethora of symbolism, as in typical Wes Anderson fashion. However, after seeing this film, only one question really matters: what dog do you most identify with in "Isle of Dogs?"

1. Igor- The Submissive Clone

That cliquey group of friends thinks they are so cool in their matching Birkenstocks and skin-tight jeans. In actuality though, they are all collectively an Igor. A seemingly unstoppable pack of duplicates rendered helpless and meek when pried apart. To beat off a flock of Igors, all you have to do is isolate the pack and give off an air of superiority.

2. Jupiter- The All-Knowing Old Man

A Jupiter constantly devours both infinite cups of black coffee and thick paperbacks full of classic literature. All of this consumption of knowledge contributes to the Jupiter's air of ever-present omniscience. Such a bounty of intelligence in one person can only be comparable to the wisdom found in a wizened and white-haired elderly man. Though you may want to ask the Jupiter's help on all, hold back, they already have to fight off droves of those seeking advice.

3. Oracle- The Spacey Sidekick Who Pretends To Know What's Going On

In class their eyes are always staring blankly out the window, watching every bumblebee and dandelion blow past. This is an Oracle. Every so often a piece of information will stick to their wandering brain, giving them a front of wisdom. However, they truly have no idea what is going on. They offer information to their all-knowing superior when something happens to be relevant, but as soon as the topic changes they begin to amble away once again.

4. Duke- The Hopeless Gossip

Whispers reach your ears that this person is finally dating that person, and this other person has decided to run for class president. This incessant stream of information solely comes from the lips of a Duke, a person part of no group of friends, shifting from clique to clique in search of juicy new secrets. Never trust a Duke, they always tell.

5. Rex- The Pushy Pup Who Just Wants To Be In Charge

A Rex longs for nothing more than a little authority. They will shove their nose into anything and everything, desperate to prove that they deserve a spot at the top. Any questioning of their authority as a leader will drive them mad.

6. King- The Instagram-Famous Beauty

You are scrolling through your Instagram feed when you happen upon this person. They have about 10,000 followers and seem drop-dead gorgeous, but lay no claim to fame other than being Instagram famous. A King requires consistent maintenance to retain such beauty standards necessary to being Instagram famous. Without it, they could not land even 100 followers.

7. Boss- A Sweet And Simple Soul

A Boss is always there for you. They never seem to question any mistakes you make, and always offer endless support. On every adventure, they are by your side, faithful and unfailing. Bosses are underappreciated, we all need a Boss.

8. Nutmeg- The Hottie With A Body

Such a statuesque and stunning person may seem meek and helpless, but there is always more to a Nutmeg. That pretty face is made all the more attractive in its snarky attitude and independence. Someone as self-sufficient as a Nutmeg may not need you, but you need nothing more than that beguiling enchantress.

9. Spots Kobayashi- The Stern And Serious Protector

On a first impression, a Spots may seem too stern and work-obsessed to be truly caring. However, a Spots will always care more than anybody. They put you before anything at all costs until you do not need them anymore. Unlike a Boss though, a Spots does not need you to be happy. They really do care about you, but upon starting a new life they will always long to be freed.

10. Chief- A Tough But Tender Lone Wolf Who Needs A Little Love


A gruff, mean, scary alpha dog. This is a Chief. A Chief will always be the true leader, whether they want to be or not. They will viciously protect themselves to avoid further pain, and they often lash out. What a Chief really needs is someone to love them. They need a person who will never give up on them, a person who wants to earn their love. With that, a Chief will become the most loyal companion you could ever ask for, fiercely protective and affectionate.

No matter which of these pups you may be, you must be wonderful, because we all know that dogs are man's best friend.

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