Puerto Rico Is Still In Peril

Puerto Rico Is Still In Peril

Dead bodies continue to turn up.

Did we forget that Puerto Rico is still in crisis?

It seems like immediately after Hurricane Maria, every American was up on their soapbox about how terrible it was—then come November, it was like the idea collectively left our minds. Hurricanes got buried under tax plans and sexual assault allegations. As long as hurricane damage with Irma was a problem in Texas, hurricane damage around the world was a really big deal to Americans. Now, not so much. We’ve got net neutrality and taxes to worry about.

It shouldn’t matter whatsoever that, in a territory that is populated by U.S. citizens, stuff still looks like this:

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico -- Posted 12/21/2017. Photo by ActivateNow

The photographer that took this shot, Ed Higgins, is currently in Puerto Rico operating as a representative for the newly-formed independent party, a journalist and a humanitarian. He ran a live Facebook audio Thursday about what he has seen firsthand and what exactly the people need.

Potable water, according to Higgins and Puerto Ricans themselves, is one of the biggest concerns at this point. Higgins said it has been “bleached so badly it’s not really drinkable.” Power in the region in which he is staying is supplied mostly through generators.

Some FEMA workers are also allegedly not doing their jobs; Higgins has heard that they are “being paid to hang out at casinos [and] hotels,” and that they are doing the loan and housing checks but not much else.

Over the phone, Higgins also described a man that was paid $20 to climb trees in the middle of the island and search for dead bodies. In a single day, the man reportedly found over 200 of them.

The apagón, the blackout that is currently affecting Puerto Rico, is the “longest and largest blackout in modern American history.” Since most of the water is under boil order, people can’t drink it without electricity to heat it.

The United States is the tenth wealthiest country in the world, yet citizens are still without clean drinking water or power two months after hurricane Maria hit. Dead bodies are still stuck in trees.

How many news articles have you read on any of this?

The thing is, Puerto Rican newspapers are covering hurricane recovery; we just don’t see it here in the U.S. We’re too busy with our tax plans and accusations of who sexually assaulted whom to focus on the actual welfare of our citizens.

That may sound biting and for that, I apologize. Tax plans and sexual assault are also important issues. All I'm saying is that most of the people reading this are privileged enough to not have to worry about basic necessities. We need to realize that this is not so for all United States citizens.

We're not a perfect country. We've got people hurting. Let's step up and quit pretending we don't.

Cover Image Credit: NY Mag

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To Create Big Change With Sexual Assault We Must Start Small

What do we do now?

The Time's Up Movement, USA Gymnastics, and the Me Too Movement. What do all of these things have in common? Sexual harassment. More and more stories of sexual assault are appearing in the news whether it’s celebrities, athletes, or your twitter feed. We keep hearing about women and men speaking up about the endless accounts of harassment but what do we do now? And how do we continue to make day-to-day life a safer place for every individual?

We must do more. More than just tweet and forget about it in a month. More than march and raise money. More than blame higher institutions for which we have no control over. To create a big change we must start small, change starts with each one of us.

We need not to accept this kind of behavior from one another but to instead create an environment that no longer allows people who enact or support these crimes. We need to teach our sons and daughters that when someone says no, they mean no. We need to raise kids with ideals and standards that advocate that sexual harassment is not okay.

The first step is simply making the conscious decision to pay attention and keep paying attention. Don’t allow for this to be talked about for just a couple of months in the media. Don’t let this be a passing moment. Don’t allow people go back to their naïve way of thinking. Don’t let people forget. We must use our voices to change the way in which we treat one another, and we must learn from our mistakes in order to create that change. And it simply starts with you.

Better Brave: www.betterbrave.com

EEOC: www.eeoc.gov/index.cfm +1 (800) 669-4000

Equal Rights Advocates: www.equalrights.org +1 (800) 839-4372

Cover Image Credit: Oscar Keys

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With Kim-Jong Un In Power The Outcomes Are Nuclear War, World War 3 Happening, Or The Death Of Kim-Jong Un

A Disaster or An End Of a Regime

As 2018 has arrived upon us the center of attention has been on the activities and threats of the Kim-Jong Un regime. Throughout the world’s history, we have had situations that shaped the way things are run and how matters are handled. When it comes to issues with other countries Mad Men of power are not rare when you examine the disastrous events all throughout the history of the world.

From the twisted mindset of Hitler or Stalin, countries around the world have never really gone rogue and ran wild. But with North Korea, this is one of those times where this problem has gotten too serious to ignore. It has now gotten to the point where logically there are 3 possible outcomes that await us with Kim-Jong Un. Sadly they are a Nuclear War, World War 3 happening, and the Death Of Kim-Jong Un.

It is evident there is a possible Nuclear War coming as all eyes are on Kim-Jong Un as he continues to build up and demonstrates his nuclear program. There is no telling of how many missiles or warheads he has in his possession but for him, one is too many. Kim-Jong Un presented the world with roughly more than 80 tests since he has come into power with about 18 of them happening in 2017.

The tests consisted of medium ranged and intercontinental ballistic missiles with a majority of them landing in the Sea Of Japan. It is not like his peers and the government agree with everything he does, because they do not, Kim does as he pleases out of fear. Fear of what may happen if they oppose him. South Korea, Japan, and The United States are always victims of some kind of Nuclear Attack Threat. But South Korea and Japan do get the worst of the threats as they are the closest to North Korea. Kim-Jong decided he would up the ante and North Korea went through with the testing of a Hydrogen bomb at their nuclear test site.

The explosion of the bomb was so powerful it triggered an earthquake that had a magnitude of 6.3 that was felt past the China Borders on September 3rd. That was North Korea’s 4th nuclear test in 4 years. It is quite obvious that Kim-Jong Un is testing and trying to ready up for something. The United States, South Korea, Japan and other countries have already expressed a great concern with these tests and want them to come to a stop.

We are no longer dealing with the well-known atomic bombs of the 1940’s where “Little Boy” had the equivalence of 15 kilotons of TNT and “Fat Man” had the equivalence of 20 kilotons of TNT. In a Time Magazine article by Melissa Chan, it was estimated that the Hydrogen Bomb North Korea tested was the equivalent of 120 kilotons of TNT. That will do way more damage than the devastation caused to the 225,000 total killed and wounded due to the atomic bombs of the 1940’s.

Though Kim-Jong threatens these countries with Nuclear Destruction or Test’s over the Pacific, he is not considering what kind of weapons may be pointed in his direction. Or what kind of casualties his country may face. Even Though the ongoing conflict is full of speculation and threats there has been one particular threat that has been putting everyone on edge. This threat can very well turn out to be the outcome of this whole situation with Kim-Jong Un, and that threat is a Nuclear War.

As Kim continues to put on these tests and improve upon his Nuclear Programs, things are getting tenser with North Korea, The U.S., and their allies South Korea and Japan. The power of ICBM’s already produce a fear like no other but an ICBM with a Nuclear warhead is a fear like no other.

Though a Nuclear War is possible, World War 3 breaking out is definitely a possible outcome. As the pot of drama continues to boil over, let’s keep in mind The U.S. and North Korea are not the only 2 powers involved in this quickly escalating issue. South Korea, Japan, China, and Russia are all involved one way or another. While the U.S. is aiding and helping South Korea with their neighboring issue, Japan is also on the same side of these 2 countries.

Japan is constantly on high alert as they fear being attacked by one of these missiles Kim-Jong likes to test. Or worse, Kim could go through with his threat of detonating a Hydrogen Bomb above the ocean in the Pacific. The devastation would be completely overwhelming. China’s feelings towards the United States have always been on the table. We can say the same for Russia. It is like these 2 countries were waiting for a problem to present itself. While it seems as if China is on shaky grounds with everyone, they are one of North Korea’s strongest allies.

While they are still by Kim’s side and the countries supplier, they did not agree with the recent testings. Russia over the years has maintained a good relationship with North Korea. It is well known how Vladimir Putin has presented Kim-Jong with his endearing friendship. It is safe to say they both feel a particular way towards the U.S. and its allies. Without putting the heartbreaking conflict in the middle-east on the table as another reason for World War 3 breaking out, the 6 power players we have discussed can create a fire like no other. It is almost something we cannot avoid.

The final outcome which is sadly the fairest of the 3 in hindsight would be the Death of Kim-Jong Un, The Fall Of a Brutal Dictatorship. Since he came to power in 2011 Kim has taken advantage of his position. The country still rules under the laws of his father making it a necrocracy. From a logical standpoint, you can say he imprisoned his own country. I say imprisoned because the North Koreans have been suffering from a harsh dictatorship and there is nothing they can do about it. From food deprivation to the absurd laws, to how prison sentences are finished and carried out through families.

North Korea has been crippled because of their leader with his constant antics and threats, he stresses everyone from his own government to his enemies. It has been shown that anyone who opposes must suffer the fatal consequences. There is heavy speculation around Kim-Jong Un being responsible for the assassination of his half-brother Kim-Jong Nam. Kim-Jong Nam was supposedly conspiring with people in China to overthrow Kim-Jong Un and get rid of his ways.

A few months later he was murdered in Malaysia at the airport via Poison Attack in 2017. Kim-Jong Un also ordered the arrest and execution of his own uncle Jang Song-Thaek after he discovered his uncles plans to remove him from power. So he had him executed by a Flamethrower. With these 2 deaths happening it helped Kim-Jong Un spread the fear that anyone who opposes him will also have the same fate. The Death of Kim-Jong Un would be a new start and maybe a new revolution as South Korea would try to help and restore order after the fallen regime.

Also, all the countries around the world would no longer have to worry about a Nuclear Disaster because of a Mad Man. Sadly and as harsh as it sounds the Death of Kim-Jong Un is the only best option, As wars and lost lives could be avoided.

With all of this being said someone may say ”Why even get involved with that, that is that side of the worlds issue” and by all means that is fair. We could ignore that problem and deal with our own problems. But unfortunately, it could do more harm than anything. While other countries fight for freedom and sit on the sidelines, this could very well put a sour taste in the mouth of our allies deteriorate our relationships. There are plenty of people who say why give them the attention.

They claim they are South Korea’s issue and they must deal with it. That is also a very good point but it is almost like allowing a bad child to do whatever he wants. If that happens the child will continuously get progressively worse and want to top the last thing he did. That's how the world views Kim-Jong because of his actions and activities as he treats North Korea as his personal toy room.

With everything going on and the new year approaching, tensions flare and get closer to war. Those are 3 possible outcomes of the ongoing conflict with North Korean Dictator Kim-Jong Un. We will just have to wait and see as the recipe for disaster continues to brew and everyone is on their toes. A Nuclear War, World War 3, or The Death Of Kim-Jong Un, Which would you prefer? Power or the People?

Cover Image Credit: Youtube.com

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