Psychology is an Underrated Major, Here's Why:

When people ask what you can do with a psychology degree, psych majors constantly roll their eyes. There's so much you can do with a psych degree! To name a few; counseling, social work, teaching, writing, editing, scientific research, economic research, forensic psychology, developmental psychology, advertisement, real estate management, career counseling, drug rehabilitation-the list goes on. The understanding of human behavior would be beneficial to anyone going into a field that is very people-oriented.

When I realized that I wanted to study psychology, I was actually a biology major. However, after taking some classes outside of my major during my semester abroad in London, I realized the deep appreciation I have for my new major. I had previously taken Psych 101 at my home university of Birmingham-Southern College and enjoyed it, I even considered it being a minor. My interest in the subject progressed as I learned more about who I am and who I want to become. The deeper reasoning for these behaviors and thoughts intrigued me even more as I continued to study.

Human behavior as a whole is very fascinating. All of our emotions, thoughts, and actions are tied to one organ which also oversees all other bodily functions; the brain. Looking at it on a microscopic level, even the slightest chemical imbalance has the power to drastically change a person's mentality. On a bigger scale, we can assess the functionality of separate sections of the brain and see how they contribute to the neurological system as a whole.

Like many majors, within psychology, learning continues throughout the career. I believe that occupations occurring in such an environment are found to be the most rewarding. This is in addition to the benefits made in the lives of patients.

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