Why I'm a Proud Pinner

Out of all of the social media out there, I would have to say Pinterest is the outlet that is most compatible with my brain.

Yes, I have other forms of social media like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, but Pinterest is where I can go and really make it my own, and that makes my extremely OCD brain very very happy.

In being OCD, I have to have an organized place for everything and everything must be in that place at all time, or else I might just go bonkers. Pinterest lets me organize everything into its own little separate board so I can organize by topics and so so much more.

Like almost every 20-somthing year-old girl out there, I have my dream wedding board, my engagement ring, board, my future home board, and of course a puppy board.

Pinterest is also a great place for medical and health tips, home improvements, life hacks, and just little interesting facts that you might not have known before. Pinterest is easily my fav form of social media because I can be completely me in my organization and no one can tell me what I can and cannot Pin!

So if you've never heard of Pinterest, I highly encourage you to check it out because I can promise you that you will not be disappointed. And to all you current winners out there, I challenge you to create a new board and explore the wonderful organized world that is Pinterest and learn something new!

Happy Pinning!

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