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5 Reasons Your 8 A.M. Class Could Be A Good Thing Instead Of Your Worst Nightmare

8 am might feel like the crack of dawn, but trust me, it's not that bad.

5 Reasons Your 8 A.M. Class Could Be A Good Thing Instead Of Your Worst Nightmare

Starting off college, you'll always hear the words, "Don't have any morning classes, especially an 8 a.m.," but all in all, could morning classes actually be better for you? Before you go to drop that morning class for one in the late afternoon, here's a couple reasons to not.

1. You're done earlier in the day. 

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If you're like me, the morning is not your friend, but once you get yourself up and out there, you're ready to go. If you take morning classes, you can be done by noon or earlier, leaving so much time in the day for social activities, school-work, a job, or just going back to bed.

2. Less people are up, which means shorter lines and shorter waits. 

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Most of the same people who told you to skip out on morning classes wait 20 or more minutes in the Starbucks line to get their morning boost. If you take up the opportunity to have early morning classes, the wait at all food places, as well as searching for a parking spot can be so much faster, because those losers are still asleep.

3. You can get more done.

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If you're done earlier, you have plenty of time in the day to be productive and get things done. Hit the library after class and get that work done so that you have plenty of time to go out with your friends later, while still getting it all done. Good grades and going out? Talk about killing this college game.

4. You'll pay more attention. 

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Those early morning classes mean that you're probably one of the only people in your friend group awake. Since they're all asleep, there are less snaps and texts to check. Put the phone down and pay attention because paying attention means those good grades we all need.

5. You're prepared for "adulting."

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Sure, sleeping in is something we all love to do, but after college, we'll have to drag ourselves out of bed for a job. Taking early classes now and getting used to waking up in the morning could better help you in your working adult life. Working is the end goal, so let's start practicing now.

All in all, morning classes definitely have their pros and cons, and it depends on who you are as a person if they're for you or not. But before you swipe them off for their bad reputation, give them a chance, because they might help you out.

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