Pros And Cons Of Working While In College

Pros And Cons Of Working While In College

Do the upsides outweigh the downsides?

I started my first job at the beginning of my senior year of high school. I had to manage work, sports, school, social life, and lots of other miscellaneous activities. I somehow managed to keep up with everything, but now that I'm in college, working and doing school is just not the same. I am balancing fewer things, but it doesn't quite feel that way. There are cons to working while in college, but there are so many pros to it, too.

Let's start out with the cons of working while in college. First off, working, in general, is not all that fun when you could be hanging out with your friends. Going to work isn't exactly the most fun thing to do after class. It's really a downer when your friends want to do something but you gotta hit them with the "I have work" excuse. Work can also get in the way of your studies. This would result in you having to cut back your work schedule because school is, obviously, more important. Your free time will basically just go to your job. If you had any amount of free time that did not involve work or studying, you would almost be too tired to do anything else besides lay in bed.

Aside from all that negativity, there are lots of pros of working in college. One of the major pros is that you're getting money! Everybody loves a little spending money. Nobody really enjoys asking their parents for money, which if you do enjoy it, um, that's weird. Sure you won't have that amazing of a social life, but you get to make great work friends! Making friends at work makes the job not so bad in the end. It also gives you job experience, which we all know internships love when you have some job experience under your belts. There are all kinds of different jobs you can try out while in school and most of the time they are pretty understanding that you're a student who has school work.

I highly suggest working while in school. If you don't want to, that's fine, but it's really a good thing! You can learn so many things through whatever work you do. You are also building up a resume to give to your future employers! Any set of skills you learn through working can be applied to a plethora of other jobs. The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

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