The Pros And Cons Of Living With Your Best Friend
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The Pros And Cons Of Living With Your Best Friend

A never ending slumber party? I'm in!

The Pros And Cons Of Living With Your Best Friend

Best friends are great. It’s like you find a person who acts and thinks just like you and you can do all sorts of fun, cool stuff with them. And some point in your relationship with this person you’re probably going to consider moving in together because every tv show ever has made that seem like the optimal situation for your life. But before you go ahead and make that choice, let me give you fair warning, it’s NOT FOR EVERYONE. Some friendships end because people cannot live together that close for that long. Here are some pros and cons to living with your ultimate bff.

Pro: Live in therapist

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What’s better than someone who listens to your problems and gives you advice right when you need it

Con: You’re constantly together

No really, it’s like they never leave. What is privacy anymore?

Pro: Spontaneous parties

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Got a new job? Aced an exam? Managed to get out of bed and shower today? All the more reason to celebrate. *Party Rock Anthem plays in the distance*

Con:You learn all their annoying gross habits

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Would it kill you to put the seat down or clean your hair out of the drain every once in awhile?

Pro: Never go alone/ someone to come home with

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Even if you’re going to the store, you’ve got a never failing buddy system by your side.

Con: Fights are 10000000x more awkward

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Saying “I hate you” is slightly more intense when you only have opposite sides of the room to retreat to.

Pro: Binge viewing partners

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For those nights you feel the sudden need to re-watch all 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy

Con: Money situations are never the same

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What if your roommate wants to go out to dinner but your bank account says eat ramen tonight?

Con: Commitment v conflict

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Is it worth fighting over and ruining such a solid friendship? Can we handle conflict in a healthy way?

Pro: No matter how hard your day, you come home to your favorite person

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It’s like being married but without the terrible debt

All in all, honesty is normally te best policy when it comes to best friends. And despite all the cons of living with them, the pros tend to heavily outweigh. I live with my best friend and I wouldn’t trade the movie nights, dance parties or stupid arguments for the world.

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