Progressives and Libertarians CAN Work Together... Here's How!
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Progressives and Libertarians CAN Work Together... Here's How!

We don't agree on everything, but we can agree on certain things.

Progressives and Libertarians CAN Work Together... Here's How!

Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum! Progressives: Big government and redistribution of wealth. Libertarians: Small/Limited government and taxation is theft. So, how can someone like Bernie Sanders and someone like Ron Paul work together? It's a tough road ahead, but it can be done! We may not like working together, but here are the issues we can work together on. And when I say "Progressive" I'm not referring to the Democratic Party. Sure, there are some in there, but I am also calling the Green Party and Independents. Some of these Progressives include Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard. Libertarians are fiscal conservatives who don't give a crap what people put in their bodies or do with their bodies. Libertarians have some representation in Congress from people like Thomas Massie, Justin Amash, and Rand Paul.

Criminal Justice Reforms

Bernie Sanders is known for standing up for people of color. Progressives believe in doing everything possible to make sure that racial reconciliation happens. Libertarians believe in peace amongst everyone and do not discriminate based on race, religion, ethnicity etc because that only causes further divide and troubles.

War on Drugs

Do you honestly need the federal government to tell you NOT to do heroine? Really folks? Really? Because these drugs are illegal makes them that much more valuable and desirable. I'm not saying we should sell it to 5-year-olds, but adults can make the decision for themselves.

Audit The Fed

Ah, yes. The famous, "Audit The Fed" bill. The Federal Reserve holds way too much power and money in this nation. It's no coincidence that the era of central banking and central warfare are happening at the same time. Rand Paul looks at it from the perspective of inflation and codependency while Sanders looks at it from the perspective of too much power in one place. The two Senators rarely agree on legislation, but when they do it's normally the right thing to do.

Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

We see it right now with President Trump. Dropping bombs in Syria. What kind of President would do that? I don't know, maybe both Bush's, Obama and Clinton. I'm trying to find in the Constitution where we need to drop bombs on other countries. Is it horrible that people are being gassed by their own government? Yes! Should we be going in there and telling them how to live their lives? No! Imagine if every time a school shooting happens, Germany pops over with military force and tries to "restore order"? We wouldn't have any of it and then things would only get worse!

Reduce Military Spending

Both progressives and libertarians can agree that we have a bloated military and we spend so much money on it. I know that there are servicemen and women that don't make a whole lot from being in the military, but we need to cut because we're already spending more than a lot of our allies combined! We spend so much and we need to get out of the wars and stop policing the world. The video above is from 1992, but it at least shows that Senator Sanders believes in the same principles. Now, we aren't in a cold war, but an actual war, however, we still need to make those cuts because we don't need so much!

Privacy & Civil Liberties

The Patriot Act is anything but patriotic. Giving up your civil liberties and privacy for a false sense of security from the government? Really?! Really?! Considering the GOP is all about protecting individuals they want to be able to invade your privacy because of "security". Bernie Sanders and other progressives have said that once we give up our civil liberties the terrorists win without having to explode a bomb in America. Giving up your privacy and civil liberties is so corporate democrats and GOP. Leave that to them.

We're Enemies to the Mainstream Parties

The gentleman in the video above does have a good point. It is primarily the social issues that Libertarians and Progressives agree on. Both groups are natural enemies of the two major parties. They both want to break the two-party system and end government bureaucracy. Progressives like Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, and Al Franken are going to have to work with Libertarians like Justin Amash, Rand Paul, and Thomas Massie in order to bring the two major parties down to the ground.

It's never been left vs right, it's been about sticking to your principles whether you agree with your party alignment or not. Al Franken is a registered Democrat, but he's a progressive. Justin Amash is a registered Republican but he is a Libertarian. We can work together to demolish the two-party system that has caused so many issues in this country.

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