We've all heard it. Hopefully, you've endured your first day and survived the boring introductions to your classes.

1. "Attendance is mandatory"

Ugh we get it. We pay for class, but show up for class (even though I don't want to).

2. "I don't have to read the syllabus to you"

They say it... but they will continue to read too much of it.

3. "The textbook isn't that expensive"

Listen buddy. I'm only fake rich. I've got that student loan, not a million dollars.

4. "As long as you do the work, you'll pass the class"

But what if you don't wanna do the work?

5. "Not a lot of people pass this class, so you should get a tutor now."

If you hear this, it's a red flag. Run. Find a different professor who is actually going to to do their job and TEACH you.

6. "I realize it's after lunch, but you have to wake up."

You professor will say this to you, even though they're yawning.

7. A very bad mispronunciation of your name.

You just smile, laugh it off, and correct them.

8. "The course schedule is in the syllabus"

Even though you know they won't follow it.

9. "We're gonna have fun this semester"

Yet the only one with the doctorate is saying it.