Procrastination Has Gotten Me

Here at the University of Central Missouri, the dreaded finals weeks is upon us and many of us are not ready (I am included). This is when I am sad to say that procrastination becomes my best friend for a month. I have had this final to work on for a month; research out the butt that needs to be done, and I'm just now only on page two of it. Oops.

But my procrastination isn't on just my school work that needs to be done before the semester is done. My procrastination extends into my inner circle of my friends, my family, and the things I need to do at home (i.e. laundry).

I haven't even had the chance to go Christmas shopping or my family or friends yet, all because I want to stay inside where it's warm and I can't get sick..or so I thought. I woke up with the most discusting migraine and scratchy throat proving that I can get sick from staying inside. So not only am I procrastinating literally everything around me, now I have to get up and go to the supermarket to get cold medicine, when it's very, very cold outside.

So not okay.

I write this article not to complain, but to ask you questions as sort of a self-help. What would you get a 10-year-old and a 5-year-old? My nephews are the most important little kids in the world to me and I can't even figure out what to get them. They're into Pokemon, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and SpongeBob. As a college student, I would love to try and not break the bank but with what they like I don't think that's something that avoidable.

Second question, why do people procrastinate? I myself don't even know. I know that I do better on assignments if I literally wait until the very last minute, but is it like that for everyone?

Anyway, to those having trouble looking for presents for thos you love, good luck. For those who are like me and getting ready to enter the dreaded "Final's Week", may God be with you and good luck. And for those who are sick, also like me, with a wicked cold that you can't escape, let's go to the doctor together and get some better medicine than OTC medicine, okay?

Bless, Merry Christmas, and let's hope for some snow soon.

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