The Problem With Modern Feminism

The term “feminism” was coined in the 1890’s, coming from the French word “feminisme.” Originally, it was associated with equal political, social, and economic rights for women. Women could not own property, be in charge of finances, or vote. Suffragettes fought for what is now seen as basic human rights.

Since the nineteenth century, things have changed, obviously.

But misogyny is alive, whether it be rape culture, the wage gap, or the ignorant comment here or there. It’s impossible to escape, which is why modern day feminism is so important. However, there is a divide between feminists. First, we have intersectional feminism. The term was created in 1998 to describe the type of feminism that was inclusive of issues beyond simple misogyny. Intersectional feminism connects sexism to other issues, such as racism and transphobia. It is the belief that they are all connected, and in order to solve one issue, all others must be addressed.

And then we have T.E.R.F’s. Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

These gals oppose the third wave of feminism. The third wave, which is considered modern feminism and began in the eighties, includes all women, regardless of her chromosomes. They rationalize themselves as “gender critical” the same way racists classify themselves as “race realists,” and the way Donald Trump says he "tells it like it is." Their agenda is based solely on the hatred of transgender women. The irony? They considered T.E.R.F to be a slur.

Here’s the thing: T.E.R.F’s are small in numbers, but they still have a large influence on feminism and the way feminists are perceived. Any form of radical anything negatively affects the group, religion, or race. For example, radical Islam has tainted the image of innocent Muslims across the first world. So, when these ladies shove transphobic and even misandrist ideas down the throat of society, they make mainstream feminism look like a hate group.

Feminism already has a bad reputation. People (particularly men) seem to think it’s a hate movement against them and therefore give feminists excessive hate. So when we have these women, albeit it’s a small group of women, making a fuss about transgender rights, feminism is degraded to nothing more than its reputation: a hate movement.

That’s the problem with modern day feminism. Not feminism itself, but the radical people who ruin its name.

Thanks T.E.R.F’s.

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