I am a woman. And I am proud to be a woman. I love wearing high heels and fake eyelashes. I love taking too long to get ready on Saturday nights, and I cannot wait to stroll down the aisle in a big white wedding gown. I believe that femininity is power and that females are a force to be reckoned with. But just because I hold these viewpoints towards femininity does not mean that I have to agree with feminists on every political viewpoint.

And just because I don't, does not mean that I am not a feminist or that I don't advocate for women's rights. That is the main thing I want people to understand.

Because besides being a woman, I am also a Christian. In my heart, my faith transcends everything. It is more important to me than my gender, my political viewpoints, my economic status, or my place in society. And that is why I have to be the one wavering voice in the large crowd of millennial women right now to stand up and advocate for life.

I am completely aware that my opinion may be the unpopular one at the moment and may even spark anger amongst devout pro-choicers. Please know that I have an understanding of both sides, and I feel there are rare circumstances where it is hard to even agree with either side.

I know what society is saying. I have seen countless upon countless of angry women take to social media to express their horror regarding the subject. All we are really hearing right now are the raging voices of society. What we are not hearing is what God has to say about it all. His voice has been drowned out by the echoes of his own creations.

The Bible says that life is created at the moment of conception. This means during the early stages of pregnancy, there is not just a "sac" or a "fetus," but there is real, actual life. There is a baby. And this baby has a plan laid out for it by God. It was not created by accident. There is a never-ending chain reaction of other people it will affect in its lifetime, of changes it will make in this world. Whether this little baby is going to change the entire planet or simply just change one single person's entire planet, we cannot take these futures away. We cannot cut these destinies off. This life was meant to be here in the world.

Many women are promoting the mantra, "my body, my choice," and I understand that in so many aspects. You should be able to make major medical decisions for your own self. If you want a certain surgery, you should absolutely be permitted the choice to have it. As women, we deserve to have total and complete control over our own bodies. But what so many people don't understand is that the moment there is a life inside of you, it is not just your body anymore. There's now another body, another heart beating, another creation inside of you waiting for the chance to be a part of this world. Where is their choice?

Lots of pro-choice advocates have taken the liberty of speaking for the baby. They think that they can predict this baby's future happiness based on a string of statistics. But we simply do not have the right to decide who lives and dies based on their socioeconomic background. There are so many children who have been adopted or who live under foster care that are living joy-filled lives. We cannot speak for these babies, and we have no idea what their futures might hold.

No human being should be granted the right to take another human being's life away, regardless of the circumstances. It is a cruel and twisted power, and it interferes with God's purpose for each and every person on earth. This is why I advocate for life.