It's 2019, we have the iPhone XR, cars that drive themselves, headphones that are Bluetooth operated. The list of advancements goes on and on but for some reason, we as a nation do not accept medical advancements if they aid women.

By banning or severely restricting abortion, like 28 states are currently trying to do, lives will not be saved. Hence, by you not supporting abortion you are not pro-life. If you don't support abortion you're saying that women's lives and choices don't matter and that you would rather them go to jail and leave the child in the foster system.

Banning abortion will only ban safe medical procedures. If it is banned women will just resort to more dangerous and life-threatening procedures.

If you were really pro-life you would be on the adoption list to save one of the 400,000 children in the foster care system. You would fight against colleges charging tens of thousands of dollars for tuition when they could offer lower rates. You would try in any way shape or form to help one of the fifteen million children living in poverty in America. You would fight for better gun control to protect children in schools from mass shooters.

What you wouldn't do is try to take away peoples right to chose what they do with their bodies.

It is an absolute surprise that so much of America is living in the dark ages thinking women's bodies should be controlled by men. Men in government are the ones who would be least affected by this legislation but for some reason, they're the only voices we hear.

To prevent these type of insane, uneducated ideas from spreading we need to implement more programs for kids to learn. Schools should have real sex education programs that teach kids about contraception and the choices they have to prevent unwanted pregnancy. We should also teach more men and women that aren't expecting children how to be good parents and raise children to succeed and not just live.

Kids are our future and we need to treat them that way. So from now on if you say you're pro-life you better mean you're pro-choice.