Dear Prince Harry,

November 27, 2017, was a really rough day for me, and honestly, it was all because of you. You see, that was the day I woke up to the news that you were engaged to someone other than me. I had seen articles in the media saying it was coming soon, and for the world to be watching because the announcement would be made in the near future.

However, no amount of warning can prepare someone for the pain of losing the one thing they've always wanted - their true love. I remember back in 2011 when your brother got married. I watched it on TV, and I wanted so badly for that to be you and I someday. One thing you may not understand is that pretty much every girl dreams of being a princess, and I wanted you to be my prince. I thought it would be us against the world (at least the world of the United Kingdom), and I thought for sure you felt the same way.

I still think we would be pretty great together.

My name is Victoria, which my parents picked out because they thought it sounded regal, and princesses are definitely regal. You have also always talked about wanting kids and GUESS WHAT?? So do I!!!!

Not only do I want kids, but I am perfectly okay with naming my child something in your family's heritage, and not something "hip" like "Fawn" or "Sparrow" because I highly doubt the people of the UK want Princess Sparrow.

You also love polo, which includes horses. I want to be a veterinarian which involves animals and horses are animals. I feel like these are all signs of the good Lord saying that we are meant to be together, and I don't understand why you don't see this fact like I do.

You really hurt me by proposing to someone else.

You never even gave me a chance, and I wish so badly you would have. I wanted to give you the world. I wanted to stand by your side at all of your royal engagements. I wanted to be the greatest aunt to little George and Charlotte (and the new baby on the way). I wanted to be your go-to person, and love you through all the rough patches of life, but alas, it seems you didn't want these things with me.

Harry, don't you see? I will always love you. I will always think of what could have been and consider you "the one that got away". It will take me some time to get over you, and I don't know if I ever fully will.

I hope you're happy though, I really do. Because deep down, if you're happy, then I'm happy. I'll remember what could have been with fondness, and I hope you have a lifetime of love. But Harry dear, remember me. And remember that you have a spot reserved in my heart, and should you ever realize what you lost by not choosing me, I'll be here waiting. And I'll wait as long as it takes.


Your forever love.