What happened to genuine human connection? Communication?

Has it truly evaporated so much so

that we now have to rely on an app to get us to talk to the person next to us?

That is, of course, if we even "match" with them.

We're all guilty of it, whether we admit it or not.

Why? Because it's just too damn easy

to hide behind something you hold at your finger tips,

something that connects you to the entire world with the push of a button,

but can shatter just as fast

as it slips off your bed and onto the floor and suddenly,

the world you were just connected to

is gone.

Now what?

It seems as though we're nothing without these overpriced pieces of glass and plastic.

Now that it's busted, you might as well go hibernate in your room

until you can go get a new one, right?

Sad, isn't it?

That we find it easier to now hide under our covers instead of walking next door

to our friends room?

Why, though?

Because just moments ago it was easier to shoot them a text

when they were sitting across from you.

We'd much rather judge on looks over personality,

because it's so much easier to get along with someone

when they're pretty, right?

I guess that's why we're so attached to our phones, too,

because they're sleek, and thin, and pretty.

They're everything we want to be;

Thin, pretty, smart.

Thin, pretty, smart.


But they're just as flawed as we are.

What are we up to now? iOS 11?

Phones aren't perfect, they're a piece of machinery.

The only connections they truly have

are between the motherboard and all the other tiny parts inside of it.

So put the phone down

and introduce yourself to someone

you didn't find on Twitter, or Tinder, or Facebook.

Make a real connection.