Uncovering Presidential Candidate Scandals
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Ranking of Recent Presidential Candidate Scandals

From Chafee (who?) to Hillary.

Ranking of Recent Presidential Candidate Scandals

"With the 2016 elections rounding the corner, news sources are ruthless in covering each candidate's "scandal". Some scandals are exaggerations invented by the media to increase coverage (see No. 7), and others are snippets of conversation stretched to seem scandalous or mean something else (see No. 8), others are valid issues that voters should be concerned with when considering what candidate to endorse.

Here is a list of ten scandals of some of the 2016 nominees, ranked from least scandalous to most.

10. Lincoln Chafee on The Metric System.

Former Rhode Island senator and governor, Lincoln Chafee, challenges Hillary Clinton on one of the most pressing issues of the presidential campaign season. Chafee's "bold embrace of internationalism" addresses the issue of the 2016 election, and it is not immigration reform, affordable health care, or fighting global terrorist groups like ISIS but rather this:

9. Carly Fiorina on Jobs.

Carly Fiorina credits herself as a good leader suited to reboot the American economy and create jobs for Americans based on her experience as the CEO of Hewlett Packard. "HP requires executive decision-making, and the presidency is all about executive decision-making," Fiorina said. Unfortunately, her claim is discredited as she fired 30,000 employees during her time as chief executive and even outsourced jobs to China.

8. Lindsey Graham on The First Lady

Senator Lindsey Graham hugging a woman

Candidate Lindsey Graham would only be the third bachelor president in U.S. history. He commented that there would be a "rotating First Lady" if he was elected to office referring to the possibility of his sister or "friends" being the first lady. Something tells me the White House/Bachelor Pad is about to have poker Mondays and football Sundays with his buddy John McCain.

7. Marco Rubio on Boats

Senator Marco Rubio driving a boat

The New York Times challenged Marco Rubio's claim of wise financial management in his personal life by pinning his impulsive spending habits on a recent purchase of a "luxury speed boat." Rubio's prudent plan to pay off student his student debt with his (hard-earned) cash from his recent book was discredited by his buying this "luxury" ... shall we say ... yacht. The link to the description of Rubio's newest purchase describes the perfect fishing boat for "safety-minded family boaters," something he can really big dick all the Florida cruise yachts with.

6. Huckabee on Transgender Issues

Huckabee is a tough one to pin down, but this narrative of one issue regarding the transgender community really gives us an insight into the dirty mind of a teenage Huckabee, and he's outdone himself on the scandal scale.

5. Chris Christie on Bridges

Chris Christie's bridge-gate scandal, in which he allegedly had "no knowledge" of intentional shutdowns of one of the busiest commuter roads in New Jersey, cost taxpayers a million dollars in internal investigations. Believe it or not, the investigations (conducted by Chris Christie's team) cleared him of all wrongdoing. Seems legit.

4. Rand Paul on Vaccination

Paul has voiced frustration over the media critiquing his stance on vaccination, so I'll be brief. First, he says they cause disease, then he says vaccine mandates are a step toward martial law, and now he likes vaccines and sees their benefit. I'll stop there so he doesn't shush me too.

3. Jeb Bush on Race

Tweet from Jeb Bush apologizing for listing himself as Latino in a voter registration form

On a 2009 voter registration form, Jeb listed himself as "Hispanic". Despite his fluent Spanish language and beautiful Mexican wife, he is not Hispanic and has addressed his mistake. Take notes, Ms. Dolezal.

2. Hillary Clinton on Emails

Leaked email from Hillary Clinton using a personal account for state busines

Hillary skipped out on getting a state email account, used a personal account for state business, and was formally subpoenaed by the Senate Select Committee on Benghazi to release all correspondence in regard to Libya. Hillary handed over emails, and thus far, the most scandalous correspondence is between her and an aide regarding how to use the fax machine.

1. Donald Trump on Everything

Donald Trump making a gesture pointing to his head while on a press conference

Need I say more?

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