President Trump's First Week

It has been just over a week since we got a new president. While a lot of us are feeling the blues from President Obama leaving office, we have been feeling even more blue since President Trump took office. President Trump has been on an executive order rampage since he took office. I am over everything he wants to do as a good portion of it will hurt the economy rather than help it grow. Other policy changes will just make the United States a bigger target for terrorist attacks than we already are.

The first executive action President Trump took was to reinstate the Mexico City Policy. This policy makes it illegal for tax dollars today for abortions overseas especially abortions that are coerced and sterilization that is coerced. People were saying this deal was making abortion illegal- however, it is only making abortions funded by US tax dollars illegal overseas. If you have an abortion overseas, you are going to have to pay for it. On this same day, he took two more executive actions which include pulling the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership which could hurt our economy or it could help our economy. There were plenty of people going both ways over this deal. I am not 100% sure what the hiring freeze would do to the US, I just know that federal workplaces cannot hire right now.

Over the next couple of days, President Trump issued executive orders over environmental issues. After Obama fought so hard to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, Trump has issued an order for it to continue along with the Keystone XL Pipeline. I understand President Trump does not really believe in global warming ,but believe me when I say neither of these pipelines will help anyone. In fact, they are going to help contribute to global warming.

Next comes his stance on immigration. America was built on immigrants so wanting to get rid of immigrants will severely hurt the United States. I understand there are laws but we do not need to get rid of every single immigrant. Trump also issued an executive order to prevent people from nations that produce terrorism from entering the United States until they are vetted properly. With that being said, I understand why he wants to do that, but at the same time, it should be done differently. Essentially he is targeting Muslim nations and not all Muslims lead to terrorism. Preventing refugees from coming into the United States is going to put more of a target on our backs than before. If President Trump keeps doing what he is doing there is the possibility of terrorists striking us more than before considering the last terrorist attack committed on American soil that was not committed by an American citizen was 9/11.

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