President Dale Whittaker, please appear on my show

UCF Former President Dale Whittaker, Please Appear On My Show

I hope you will accept my invitation and make UCF television history.

Dear Former President Dale Whittaker,

My name is Amanda Robin Cattel, the host, musical director and head writer of UCF's nightly comedy show "Storming the Castle". I'm also a marketing student who is due to graduate this spring semester.

"Storming the Castle" is a variety show, styled as a satirical college survival guide. We perform sketches and segments with a wide array of humorous characters and musical acts. My show is live- streamed every other Monday night at exactly 7 PM, filmed in the Nicholson School of Communication studio. I have a big crew, derived from hard-working students who are dedicated to delivering the utmost creative content to the student body. We have spent countless hours writing, rehearsing and filming while simultaneously balancing the workload of being full-time students. Our show is significant, not only to us but to the peers and faculty that tune in Monday evening.

Due to the recent events that have occurred within the University of Central Florida, I would like to extend the invitation of participating in my television show to you. Your resignation caused quite the uproar. What better way to say goodbye to the kingdom of black and gold, other than an appearance on UCF television? Think of how wonderful it will be for UCF students to watch their president exemplify his comedic chops, how the public would leap onto their feet to applaud, commemorate and photograph.

Mr. President, if you do decide to make the humble and spirited appearance on "Storming the Castle", my writing team will cater to your creative initiatives, illustrating a dearly devoted promise to make your farewell to the University of Central Florida astronomically heavenly. We can do zany sketches, like Donny and Marie Osmond, or maybe a sophisticated musical number à la Dean Martin. When the hard work is done, we will throw you a glamorous after-party, respectively accessorized with balloons and cake. This is show business, after all.

I hope you will accept my invitation and make UCF television history.


Amanda Robin Cattel

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