The presidential election is coming soon and a thought popped into my head.

It must be really hard to run for president.

Now, before you all call me "Ms. Obvious," I simply realized the scariness of running for president.

You have to talk in front of so many people and promise them so many things. Yet at the same time, you can't keep those promises because you have to fix the previous problems left by the previous president/generation. And then the people who voted for you are disappointed because you didn't keep the promises you said when you were running. And then the people who didn't vote for you would say that their candidate would have done a better job. But would they really? It's like an endless stack of procrastination... except with the country. If I applied this logic to my high school studies, it would be like my teachers or parents just continuously shaking their heads at me the whole time during senior year.

Another scary thing that scares me in the presidency is the thought that you have creepy stalkers everywhere. Everything you say and do is always being recorded and/or watched. If it were me, national television would see me tripping when I thought no one was watching you, singing in the shower, or even just making silly faces at the mirror in the morning. Also, they bring things from your past. You thought the present was already bad enough? It's almost like having your parents show your baby pictures from you were little to every random person they saw at the grocery store. The even worse scenario is when you actually have something to hide.... they always find a way to bring it back up. A family member who's thirsty for some attention or that ex that you never fully resolved your break up with... there's almost no one you can trust. And when it gets to that point, you really are lonely. You have the responsibility of taking care of the whole country. People are going to talk trash about you. People are going to love you. People are going to throw threats at you. You are the mother of the whole country.

However, even though you are the mother of the country, sometimes your kids don't help out with the chores. Sometimes they only see what they want and they want you to give it to them immediately. Sometimes they forget that you have other things to take care of. Sometimes they get really selfish and blame everything on you. Sometimes they talk behind your back. Sometimes they don't care. Sometimes they run away and blame all their problems on your incapacity to give them every single thing they want. Yet, despite all their childishness, you are still there. No matter how hard the job is. No matter how rude, or needy we are. No matter how much we fight with our "siblings". No matter how much we steal from you. We go through everything together. Sure, sometimes we hate you so much we stop talking to you but you are still there. Trying your best. You can't split yourself and give everyone everything because there's only so little of you. But you still have courage to try.

My writing's a mess but before you try to talk trash about someone's job, remember, you also have a job too. This is our home. We are the children of this home. Sure, we all come from different backgrounds and cultures but we are all related. Our "mother" can't give us everything we want, but we can help out with the chores. We can pick up that trash that someone threw on the ground. We can defend people who get bullied. We can fight racism. We can do so many more things to make our home friendly. Open your heart a little bit more. Open your mind a little more. Connect the real world with the small actions you do every day. It'll change how you view things.