The Importance Of Presets In Photography

So now that you have invested in yourself by buying Lightroom, it is time to go to your favorite Instagrams.

Look at their posts, all of their pictures match or go well together, correct?

Well, they use presets! Presets are basically filters for Lightroom. You can buy a few, or you can make your own!

I personally love Instagram user @bleeblu's presets! He has a wide range of color usage, and his presets come in packs. during the holidays he will usually put his presets on sale. Last Christmas, I bought all three of his packs for $75 which seems like a lot to buy for filters, but since I use them for my job, I make that money back within one shoot.

I use his presets with. my own adjustments most of the time.

this is before with no editing

this is after I used bleeblu's preset

I enjoy the wide range the filters offer and they truly help start the editing process and ton easier than just starting from zero.

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